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Christmas Budget Tip

Christmas is normally depicted as a happy and enjoyable time Food, drink, presents and frivolity with a jolly old man in a big red suit But things are not always like this. For many folk it can be a time of increased financial stress and loneliness So here is a FREE offer that might prove […]

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VTech GoGo Smart Space2

Go Go Smart Wheels Blast Off Space Station From Vtech

The Blast-Off Space Station is the latest addition to the now huge range of VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels playsets. Every set in the Smart Wheels collection can connect with the others. So together they all supply a terrific variety of educational play. This most recent member, the Blast-Off Space station, encourages innovative play, teaches […]

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Monopoly Ultimate2

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Evaluated

This traditional banking and property acquisition board game has been around since 1935. Nowadays it has numerous versions but for quite a long time there was just what some would call the ‘original edition.’ If you can remember that then you are likely to be in the ‘older set’. But whatever your age you are […]

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Lego Creator Expert VW Beetle

Lego Creator Expert Volkswagen Beetle 10252 Reviewed

The Lego Creator series is tailored more towards teens or adult collectors so for this reason there is the addition of the word Expert on the box. After the big appeal of their brick developed Volkswagen van they then released their variation of the iconic 1960’s Volkswagen Beetle in January 2017 This is a 1,167 […]

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Melissa & Doug Sushi Counter2

Melissa & Doug’s Roll Wrap Slice Sushi Counter Reviewed

Melissa and Doug’s Sushi Counter is another one of their very popular food based sets such as sandwich making and a smaller sized sushi slicing play set. This most recent Sushi Counter contains 46 pieces and so far has proved to be very popular. And it should not be confused with their Sushi Slicing Play […]

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DC Harlequin Girl1

Harley Quinn DC Super Hero Girl 12″ Action Doll

When I was young boys were the ones into superheroes and girls were into Barbie dolls. Now in this more enlightened age girls like their superhero comics, films and characters just as much as the boys. Harley Quinn struck the spotlight with the Suicide Squad motion picture where her character plays a huge part. This […]

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