Barbie Star Light Galaxy Doll and Flying Cat

Barbie Hovercat3This Barbie Star Light Adventure toy is based on the space fantasy movie with that very same name.

Here Barbie has a flying pet cat called Hover Cat. And it is Hover Cat who also in control telling the story of their otherworldly experiences. In the show, the two travel to a variety of galaxies meeting a lot of lively and fascinating characters on their journey.

Sometimes in their journeys these two face really hazardous circumstances. The pair are definitely heroes having rescued the galaxy on a number of occasions already.

With this Playset from Mattel, you can now recreate the escapades of Barbie and Hover Cat.

What Is The Price For This New Barbie?
Retail prices for Barbie Star Light Adventure start on Amazon at $22. It is similar to standard Barbie dolls.

Looking at the faithful re-creation of the Barbie hero as she appears in the movie it is reasonable to conclude that this toy is priced appropriately.

Who Is Likely To Buy Barbie and Hover Cat?
Clearly, the makers of the Barbie Star Light Adventure are targeting enthusiasts of the movie. But Barbie fans who are not really acquainted with the movie will surely love this figurine.

If you are a follower of the classic Barbie doll attire – the one that comes with the gorgeous outfits and the adorable accessories- then perhaps you should skip this one.

This pair are for the Barbie fans and collectors with an understanding of escapades. It is for those fans who don’t have a problem with the popular golden-haired girl getting her hands dirty or finding herself in precarious predicaments.

What We Do Like About This Barbie
Probably the best features of this Barbie is that the cat actually flies!!

The action is controlled by a button located at the back of Barbie’s right leg.
All you need to do is connect Hover Cat’s control cord to Barbie’s hands. Then press the switch and look in amazement as the cat flies around.

There are propellers on the cat that get triggered when the button is pushed. This is a really great attribute because it will spark the imagination of youngsters for great adventure and narration.

The star of the show, Barbie, is not too shabby herself. For this model has the world-famous doll wearing a futuristic-looking, fabulous pink one-piece suit. A shiny holographic vest, a plastic skirt, a blue utility belt, a blue star hairclip and silver boots complete Barbie’s wardrobe.

And if you think the Hover Cat needs a bit of rest from too much flying you can get her out from her spacesuit.

What We Don’t Like About This Product
As mentioned earlier, if you are looking for a traditional Barbie then this one is unlikely to be you. None the less there are not too many unfavorable things you can say about the Barbie Star Light Adventure.

One thing is the doll cannot stand up its herself. This may pose a small problem for people who like to display their collection.

Finally there is a choking hazard warning children under 3 years on the Amazon site.

Is This Barbie Worth The Money?
This one is probably worth the money thanks to the number of it’s neat features. Plus of course you get a swooping cat.

Just remember that Barbie needs to have 4 x AAA batteries to operate and they are not actually supplied.

Where Can You Buy It?
Barbie Star Light Adventure doll should be readily available in those stores that stock Barbie dolls. There are numerous sellers of this Barbie online at Amazon. Just watch the prices. They start at $22 but increase quite significantly for some sellers.

Final Considerations
This Barbie is ideal for enthusiasts and collectors of all ages. There are 227 reviews on Amazon right now which give it a 3.8 star rating.

One of the reviewers said that they while they loved this Barbie she thought it was a ‘one trick pony’ and therefore more of a collectible rather than a functional toy.

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