Barbie Hover2

Barbie Doll Star Light Adventure RC Flying Hoverboard

Barbie has been revitalized as a cosmic princess in the upcoming Barbie Star Light Adventure movie as she teams up with a group of hover boarding pals to save the Galaxy. Barbie is boldly proceeding to a place where no Barbie has ever gone before! When your little girl has seen the movie she is […]

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Funko POP Movies: Ghostbusters Action Figures

If you were around in 1980’s then you could not help but know of the imaginative motion picture “Ghostbusters” that came out in 1984. Then there was the subsequent toy launches of its principal personalities. You might then have played with them and pretended to be with all of them in the film? Maybe you […]

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Barbie Hovercat4

Barbie Star Light Galaxy Doll and Flying Cat

This Barbie Star Light Adventure toy is based on the space fantasy movie with that very same name. Here Barbie has a flying pet cat called Hover Cat. And it is Hover Cat who also in control telling the story of their otherworldly experiences. In the show, the two travel to a variety of galaxies […]

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Disney Frozen Kingdom Elsa1

Elsa’s Frozen Castle From Disney Frozen Reviewed

All those little fans of the Disney movie Frozen starring Elsa and her friends can now take their beloved heroes everywhere! This little castle can become their own personal world where they can spend hours playing and exercising their imagination. Anyone wanting to give their little ones something to play with during those rainy days […]

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Gidget A Plush Buddy From The Secret Life of Pets

Gidget is a 12-inch artificial pet toy that is an exact likeness of that famous movie character from the Secret Life of Pets. She is also referred to as a Talking Plush Buddy. This extremely large and soft, plush character is perfect for cuddling. Gidget is also great for playtime and naptime. Gidget is very […]

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