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WowWee LUMI Dancing Drone Review

For a good few years now WowWee has engaged in the manufacture of robotics toys and vehicles. Their major successes have been the biomorphic RoboSapien and the interactive balancing robot RiP. WowWee has now launched its LUMI dancing drone. This is a gaming drone that has autonomous flight and obstacle avoidance, a range of dance […]

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Project Mc2 Circuit Beats2

Project Mc2 Circuit Beats Evaluation

Project Mc2 Circuit Beats is a motherboard that enables you to make musical sounds out of practically anything that carries an electrical current. So long as it conducts an electrical current it can be included as part of an electrical circuit and used to make music. To make it work just link the circuit board […]

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Chip with Girl

Chip The Intelligent Canine Pet from WowWee

Another robot pooch you could be saying. We’ve seen them in the past and while they were fun for a few days, possibly lasting the holidays, eventually they ended up gathering dust in the back of the toy cupboard. Luckily for all of us recent years have seen a number of real developments in robots […]

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Geckobot Wall Climbing Robot From Thames and Kosmos

Depending on your climate you might share your home with these speedy little lizards that run up wall surfaces and across the ceiling. If you do you will most likely have an idea they are named Geckos. Otherwise you might have gone on trips where you have seen them. There are more than 1,500 species […]

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Star Wars The Child

Star Wars ‘The Child’

Star Wars Another Big Hit Star Wars The Child will be another big hit for kids especially because this one is animatronic. Kids just love Star Wars products because they capture their imagination. And this is one of the reasons why toys from that universe sell so well. One of the must-have items on any […]

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