Monopoly Ultimate2

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Evaluated

This traditional banking and property acquisition board game has been around since 1935. Nowadays it has numerous versions but for quite a long time there was just what some would call the ‘original edition.’ If you can remember that then you are likely to be in the ‘older set’. But whatever your age you are […]

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spike the hedehog

Spike The Hedgehog

Another Great Learning Toy Learning toys like Spike The Hedgehog make great gifts especially during the Christmas season. These toys can give kids something fun to do while at the same time, they help improve cognitive and other skills. Spike Looks The Part This hedgehog, cutely named Spike, is a perfect gift idea for kids […]

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Bengoo G9000

BENGOO G9000 Headset

Every Gamer Needs Good A Headset These days every gamer needs some good headphones like the BENGOO G9000 headset. Headphones are great because they allow you to really get immersed in the game. Game audio and music is now so advanced you really want that full stereo sound experience. Talk To Your Online Friends Many […]

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VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

Great Gift For The Sporty Ones If you have a young one who’s interested in sports, then this VTech Smart Shots Sports Center is going to be a great gift for them. There are two main games they can play – soccer and basketball. And there are a lot of little gadgets and lights around […]

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Rooster Run from Blue Orange Reviewed

The tag line on the box “Woo Picky Chicks With Perfect Worms” sums up this game from Blue Orange pretty well. Will YOU be able to find the perfect worm? It doesn’t matter whether we are 8 or 80 years old it is always great to have a special person in our life that just […]

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