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ZOOB Galax-Z Lunar Pathfinder

ZOOB products are newer arrivals on the market but they are an interesting alternative to other building brands like LEGO bricks and Mega block. Instead of using blocks or bricks to build their sets ZOOB use a ball and socket joint configuration. The tag line on their box is Build It, Move It, ZOOB It. […]

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SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber Climbing RC Car featured

INLAIER Remote Control Gravity Defying RC Car

So let’s get this straight right from the start. This toy is a manufactured in China and has changed its name and look somewhat. Maybe because it was originally listed as a Spiderman car. The Inlaier RC car comes in two colors. You can pick the red one on this Amazon page here and  access […]

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Lionel MegaTrack Chaos1

Lionel Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos Review

If you have ever had an interest in model trains you will have likely become aware of Lionel train sets. But this Mega Tracks model is like no train set that you have actually seen before. The Mega Tracks Corkscrew has actually been described as an insane mix of slot Car, roller coaster and toy […]

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Hot Wheels Stunt Boys_

Reviewing Hot Wheels Stunt Track Build System

With this Hot Wheels stunt kit, your children can experiment how high they can make their car go. How far to jump and how to play precisely without any accident. The Hot Wheels kit arrives with a measuring stick to help the kid’s gauge achievement and then try to reach new height levels. This set […]

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Marvel Avengers XPV RC Rollover Rumbler Evaluated

The XPV Marvel Remote Control Rollover Rumbler was inspired by Marvel’s Captain America film, Civil War. So any fans of Captain America or Iron Man will likely have an interest. It is cleverly designed by one of the leading US designer and marketers of children’s toys, JAKKS Pacific Inc. One side is Blue and the […]

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