Code-A-Pillar From Fisher-Price Think and Learn Series

Fisher Price CodeaPillar2This innovative creature is one the more recent in the Think & Learn collection from Fisher Price. It is aimed at providing a fun way for younger children to tryout and master a variety of skills.

Code-A-Pillar is made up of a motor-driven caterpillar head (hence the name) and 8 body sections. The head has blinking eyes, makes a sound and illuminates. The body sections and head all connect together and also light up.

Segments have different purposes which are shown in a striking icon on their back such as – move forward, 90 left, 90 right, 360 left. Changing the segments and their order enables motion in various directions. Not all segments can be found in the basic set which contains 8 segments and, obviously, the head.

The basic pack also holds two destination targets to be used as goals for the young ‘operator’ of Code-A-Pillar to reach.

There are moderately priced add on segments you can buy to give more value to the toy. They are certainly not ‘must haves’ but if your child is already getting a lot of use out of it they could make a nice addition.

How Much Does It Cost?
Code a Pillar currently has a price of $65 on Amazon. However there are a number of sellers there listing it for sale. So take a look you may find a better price.

Single segments seem to sell for around $7.50 each.

You can also purchase a Master Moves simple expansion kit containing 3 segments for about $15.

Who Would Buy This Fisher-Price Toy?
The recommended age range on the box is pre-school 3-6 year olds. Both boys and girls will enjoy playing and learning with this toy.

We believe that it could easily appeal to older and younger children as well. Very small ones will be fascinated by the motion, sound and lights. Older ones will be more into piece building.

Things We Like About This Fisher-Price Creation.
First off it actually comes with the required 4 x AA batteries straight out of the box! Well done Fisher Price! Just keep in mind it turns up in ‘demo’ setting so you have to turn the switch on to get it going.

The highlight we like about this toy is that it should have some lasting appeal.
Its uses will grow with the child. A younger child will appreciate the sounds and lights and the caterpillar crawling about the floor. As a child grows older they will work with the problem solving and puzzle elements of this toy.

We also like that it glows in the dark and lights up with different colors.

Things We Were Not So Keen About.
If you only have limited floor space or a lot of clutter we would suggest maybe trying to find another educational toy.

In its basic out of the box configuration it requires a fair area of floor space, ideally a hard wood floor or a firm rug or carpet. One reviewer suggested an empty garage. But you can purchase additional segments which does help reduce the space needed.

Another reviewer noted that it stops if it hits a wall and you have to start again. And another thought that the batteries were cheap because they only lasted for a few hours.

The toy is fairly loud and there is no volume control.

Is Code-A-Pillar Worth The Money?
We think so. It certainly has repeat value so it shouldn’t be one of those toys that end up at the back of the toy wardrobe. $65 is a fair price ┬ábut frequent use could eat up a lot of batteries. Make sure you factor this in or think about acquiring re-chargable batteries.

Where Can I Purchase This Think and Learn Toy?
Code-a-pillar is currently obtainable at most online stores and likely at some local toy shops. Amazon has it available. You can read more of the 600 plus user reviews that rate it at 4.1 stars.

Final Thoughts.
This is a nice interactive educational toy. Parents are actually going to enjoying playing with it alongside their toddlers.
As already noted it’s has significant number of good reviews from moms and dads online. And it’s a great way to teach young kids logic and problem solving in a fun way.

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