Construction Car Tracks

construction car tracks

Learning Toys Are Hot

The Construction Car Tracks Playset looks to be one of the hottest toys this year. Best check them out before they are all sold.

Because STEM learning toys are topping the list for what’s going to go fast this holiday season.

The Construction Car Tracks Playset is just one such toy.

Helps Improve Fine Motor Skills

Construction sets offer many opportunities for kids to use their fine motor skills as well as their cognitive skills.

Add in their imagination and they can have hours of play from just one toy.

Another STEM Toy

Because this racetrack set is a STEM toy, it provides plenty of opportunities to learn. The track itself is one that’s flexible and can be used on a variety of surfaces. Kids can put it together on a table and create loops.

Or, it can be placed flat on a surface or on the floor to make a longer, straighter racetrack. The track has 200 flexible pieces, so kids can build different types of tracks to use with the race cars.

Multiple Track Layouts

If they want, the tracks can be elevated or flexed so that they’re higher or lower. This track can also loop into different shapes. These shapes snap into place and can twist into a design that can be simple or complex.

For example, a Y shaped track can be built, but so can an arc track. It all depends on what your child creates. The cars can race together in the same direction. Or, they can start from opposite ends of the tracks and race straight toward each other.

Sometimes, the vehicles will crash together and remain on the track. – On other occasions, the collision will send one of them careening off.

Six Vehicles in The Set

There are six vehicles in all. One of these is an excavator and another a the road roller. There’s also a truck used for hauling and a cement truck. These trucks have moveable parts. The set also includes two race cars that are perfect for small hands.

Traffic Signs Included

Along with the cars and trucks, eight different traffic signs are also included and these can be used for educational purposes. Parents can use these accessories to help kids be able to identify what the sign is just by the shape alone.

Parents can also use the stickers that go on each of the signs and have the kids put the correct stick on the right sign. They can learn what the signs mean and what they’re used for in daily driving life.

Along with the cars and trucks, the Construction Car and Track set also has two trees and comes with a bridge that can be used as part of the tracks.

Strong Durable and Toxic Free

The set is strong and durable and can be used for play both inside and outside the home. This toy is constructed of toxic free parts and is suitable for play with kids aged 3 and up. You will need batteries, too – which aren’t included.

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