Crayola Emoji And Stamper Maker

Crayola Emoji Maker2Crayola have actually been a trusted brand for many years and are popular for their quality arts and crafts items. This Emoji Maker supplies all the equipment and materials you need to make 16 colored emoji stamps and markers.

The 16 emoji’s include different faces, animals and sunglasses.

For those who might be asking exactly what is an ‘Emoji’ it a little image that is frequently utilized to give expression to a cellphone sms message in digital type.

Those who think the word has something to do with ’emotion’ will be sadly disappointed. It comes from the combining of 2 Japanese characters e ‘picture’ + moji ‘letter, character.’

If you are still baffled think of the little smiley faces you see in emails and on Facebook like this 🙂  That’s an Emoji.

Just How Much Does The Emoji Maker Cost?
The Emoji Maker retails at around $20. However there 38 sellers of the product with a good range of prices so be sure to check them out on Amazon where they are listed.

Who Would Buy This Craft Product?
The set is marketed for kids of 6+. However we would suggest adult supervision for kids under the age of at least 8 years old. Why? Because it has the potential to get a bit messy. And putting some of the parts together takes a little bit of effort and dexterity.

Checking out the online reviews children up to age 11 have actually been delighting in making their Emoji stamps. Children under 6 years old have also enjoyed it with aid from moms and dads. This latter group has the tendency to have a much shorter attention span.

If your child takes pleasure in arts and crafts they will love this set. You can delight in a simple activity while having some quality time with your kids.

It’s likewise a great means of getting them away from the computer system or the TV.

Things We Like About Crayola Emoji Maker.
At first glance the numerous components may make it look a bit difficult. But once you check out the directions and watch the video it will all quickly become clear what you need to do.

We liked the idea of an arts and craft activity which the whole family can participate in together.

It also teaches children about primary colors and how to produce other colors and tones by mixing different colors together. In addition they learn about measuring correct quantities to obtain the desired color or shade.

Once a child has produced their Emoji they will feel pleased to have actually made something with their own hands. This will motivate them and bring out more of their creativity.

Points We Didn’t Like About It.
It can be a bit messy so you do need to watch what is going on. Make sure that you put down newspaper or some other protective covering first.

The paints are described as washable so you should be able to get rid of any stains. But it would be a good idea to be prepared for some sort of clean up.

One reviewer recommended using paper towel and cotton buds for the clean up rather than water.

The stamps are a little small so you will need to practice a bit before you can get that ‘perfect emoji’. You will not get it perfect each time.

One customer noted that her smaller child attempted to hold the stamp like a marker or pencil at first. It took a bit of guidance to get it held properly to make a good print.

And there is a choking hazard caution for children under 3 on the box and on Amazon.

Is The Crayola Emoji Maker Worth The Money?
We would say it is reasonably priced. This is an arts and crafts set that has a lot of repeat play value. Brother or sisters can play with this at the same time making it good value if you have more than one child who can utilize it.

Where Can I Buy It?
We have seen it being sold online at Amazon. It’s getting some excellent reviews on Amazon at the moment 154 to date and is rated at 4.2 stars. It is also an ‘Amazon Choice’ selection which adds weight to its value.

So it’s definitely worth looking to see what users are saying on Amazon and learning from their tips about getting the most from this Emoji making set.

Final Thoughts.
This is a great, moderately priced craft set. It has the potential to be used multiple times and not be a one day marvel. Helpful for a rainy day inside!

‘Emoji’s’ are really popular with young kids at the moment so it would make an ideal present too.

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