Elena of Avalor Storytime Guitar from Disney Junior

Elena Guitar3Disney has a new princess and her name is Elena of Avalor. She already has a TV show and the Disney Elena of Avalor product collection is a spin off from that.

Little girls will certainly love Elena’s daring and adventuresome enthusiasm. Moms and Dads, on the other hand, will most likely appreciate her positive qualities more because they help make her a good mentor for both young girls and boys.

Some of Elena’s notable attributes involve being brave and compassionate. She is at the same time very smart and has a wonderful sense of humor.

Elena has one more trait that will endear her to kids and adults alike. She is musically inclined. She has a fabulous voice and can play the guitar nicely.

And now with the Elena of Avalor Storytime Guitar you can sing and play just like Elena.

How Much Will It Cost?
Elena’s guitar is presently posted on Amazon at $28.88. This is somewhat expensive for what is essentially a toy guitar. A number of parents may feel inclined to pay this figure to get the Elena song playing function that is included in the guitar.

Who Would Buy It?
The manufacturers advise this guitar is suitable for children aged three years old and above. This may be a little young for some kids. However little ones who are into music will most likely enjoy performing with this cute and handy toy musical instrument.

If you wish to expose your child to music then purchasing Elena’s guitar may be a way to do it Younger girls who are enraptured by Disney princesses will certainly love having this guitar as part of their collection.

Things We Like About it.
In the television show, Elena is portrayed as someone who is always performing and playing her guitar. This guitar is a perfect replica of Elena’s guitar.

With this guitar you can have a story time that is fun while singing and playing songs from the show just like Elena. If you want, you can also create and play your own songs. The guitar comes with a pick so you can easily strum the chords.

Because as well as being a guitar it has the added feature of rendering three of the songs sung in the television series. These are “The Magic Within,” “My Time” and “Ready to Rule.”

Things We Did Not Like About It
Parents should be concious that, even though you may be able to strum a tune, Elena’s Storytime Guitar is still just that, a toy guitar. It is differs from a real guitar in both size and sound quality.

If you do purchase this product you should not have excessive expectations. Should you want to teach your child how to play the guitar effectively it may be a better idea to use a genuine instrument from the start.

There is no indication how the included songs get played and whether there is a need for batteries. Batteries certainly are not mentioned on the Amazon page.

Even so this instrument could be a good primer to guitars and musical instruments in general. Your child may well get an appreciation of music and become more musically inspired.

Note that this item, like many others has a choking danger warning for children under 3 years. I suggest that it may be the plectrum, or pick as it is more commonly called, that is the issue.

Is It Worth The Money?
This is a good musical education toy. However as mentioned above at $28.88 it could be seen as on the more costly side for a present or gift. It might turn your child into a music lover but you will need to evaluate that for yourself.

Where Can I Purchase It?
The Elena of Avalor Storytime Guitar is available in selected major toy store outlets. You can also find it in online shops such as Amazon.

Final Thoughts
If you are searching for a toy that could introduce your child to music then this may be one of the more suitable ones in the market.

It is listed on Amazon with a 4.4 star rating from 132 reviews. It is also marked as an ‘Amazon Choice’ product – which recommends highly rated, well-priced products available to ship immediately

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