Elsa’s Frozen Castle From Disney Frozen Reviewed

Disney Frozen Kingdom Elsa2All those little fans of the Disney movie Frozen starring Elsa and her friends can now take their beloved heroes everywhere!

This little castle can become their own personal world where they can spend hours playing and exercising their imagination. Anyone wanting to give their little ones something to play with during those rainy days should check this one out right now!

How Much Is It?
Elsa’s Frozen Castle is a pretty, aesthetically pleasing looking toy that is currently listed  on Amazon at just under $30

The set consists of a little Elsa doll, the castle and a lot of other pieces. These include two bodices, two peplums, two skirts for Elsa, two different capes, and four snap-ins.

For this price, you get a good number of pieces that your child can combine in various ways!

Who Would Buy It?
The toy is designed to portray Elsa a key character from the famous animated Disney movie “Frozen”.

It is an ideal gift for all those little girls who love Elsa and would like to play with her every day.

The toy is labelled for children of four years of age or more. Although one reviewer suggested that 7 years would be a more appropriate age because of the number of small sized parts it contains.

Things We Like About It
The toy is a pretty and colorful construction. It’s looks good, even if Elsa’s miniature doesn’t quite resemble the Disney’s cartoon character.

It’s small and easy to carry around so you can take it along with you for your child without worrying about the space. It’s great that Elsa’s look can be modified. This is in contrast to other dolls of this type which have limited possibilities.

And of course there is a whole range of other supporting Disney characters from Frozen and related merchandise available on Amazon. The choice is comprehensive. Just make a search for Disney Frozen.

Things We Did Not Like About It
Elsa’s Frozen Castle is a pretty piece but basically that’s all there is to it. There is very little to do with the toy and no real way to interact with it. Another reviewer noted that while it was not a bad toy there is really not a lot there for the price.

The child’s play will come down to changing the skirts and “walking” the doll up and down the stairs.

The pieces are also rather small so if your girl tends to lose her toys, it’s likely she will soon have issues to find these parts. This aspect was commented on by yet another reviewer who said there were too many tiny pieces that quickly got lost.

Because of the small size of some of the pieces there is a choking hazard warning on the product and the Amazon site.

What About The Price?
For the number of elements and possibilities it gives, we could suggest this product could be cheaper. One comment made was that it was smaller and flimsier than the buyer expected – but their child still loved it.

If the recipient child of the product isn’t a great fan of Elsa they will likely quickly get bored. It certainly isn’t an interactive toy.

That said, Frozen Castle is pretty and aesthetically pleasing to look at. It might even become just a decoration for your child’s room. At $30 it is probably at a price limit  for something that can bring a lot of joy to a little Elsa fan.

Where Can It Be Purchased?
Elsa’s Frozen Castle is available in online and most good toy shops. It is usually cheaper online and of course you can read reviews from folk who have already made the purchase. There are currently 42 sellers listed on Amazon so check out their prices. You may get a better price.

Final Thoughts
Elsa’s Frozen Castle is a pretty little toy for all the girls that loved the movie. It’s reasonably priced and it has some elements to play with.

It makes a good gift choice for any young lady that does not need lots of interaction or playing ideas.

It rates reasonably well on Amazon and is an Amazon Choice product.

163 reviewers have given it an average 3.7 stars.

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