Funko POP Movies: Ghostbusters Action Figures

Ghostbusters1If you were around in 1980’s then you could not help but know of the imaginative motion picture “Ghostbusters” that came out in 1984. Then there was the subsequent toy launches of its principal personalities.

You might then have played with them and pretended to be with all of them in the film? Maybe you have actually ended up being a little bit wistful remembering it with the latest release of the Ghostbusters movie.

This new show has all new heros as well with names like Jillian Holtzmann, Erin Gilbert, Abby Yates and Patty Tolan all popping into our world. Then if that is not enough Funko POP Movies have introduced a range of molded Ghostbusters Action Figures.

Judging from a number of the thrilled reviews on Amazon they are already popular.

Just What Do They Set You Back?
All the characters can be purchased both separately or as sets which contain from 3 to 8 people in them. On Amazon prices for individual action figures cover a wide range starting at around $20 up to well over $60 depending on the character.

Who Would Buy These?
Folks from the 80’s and 90’s might not be too crazy about the idea of replacing the old and legendary 1984 characters from Ghostbusters with all of these brand-new ones.

Old recollections are really often better left undisturbed to enjoy. Film re-makes don’t always do justice to the original.

Nonetheless these fresh new personalities definitely appeal. Those that are generally too young to have actually enjoyed the ethereal experiences of the first Ghostbusters team seem to like them.

They have a whole fresh bunch of heroes to look up to.

Points We Just Like About These New Characters
The representation of the new legend Ghostbusters into cute toys is a clever step. Because the Ghostbusters heritage remains practically the same only with new characters.

These new 6 inches toy personalities are the distinct prototypes of the brand new cast, just that they are a little cuter.

The likeness and the details are all reproduced precisely in the relevant toys. This includes tiny specifics, for example, the blasters on the backpacks, the logo near their shoulders or details just like the sculpting of Patty’s hair and her golden earrings.

You can proudly place these fresh characters on your toy shelf right alongside the aged ones, Peter, Ray, Winston and Egon, to form a top crew of old and new.

Things We Disliked
Some of these new doll characters might be a bit intimidating however that is certainly not really an issue. Our main issue is the disconnect between the old and new personalities. It would have been good to have some kind of natural connection or thread joining the two sets of old and new characters.

Are They Really Worth The Money?
We think they definitely are! Legendary Ghostbusters Funko Pop personalities molded into tiny cool vinyl toys is a smart twist.

They make you sense a certain nostalgia for the traditional while keeping the new characters truly alive.

Perhaps these new heros will endure another 30 years much like the first characters have done.

Where Can I Buy Them?
Website stores like Amazon have them available. If you want to actually check them out for yourself before purchasing go to a nearby toy store and find what they talk about.

Final Considerations
With the release of these new characters as a collection of POP dolls, a further Ghostbusters era has been created.

This new science fiction movie has done justice to the more mature movie while these new toy heros will likely do the very same for the most recent release of the film.

They generally have over 4 stars on Amazon and there are a good range of suppliers there too.

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