Geckobot Wall Climbing Robot From Thames and Kosmos

Geckobot2Depending on your climate you might share your home with these speedy little lizards that run up wall surfaces and across the ceiling. If you do you will most likely have an idea they are named Geckos. Otherwise you might have gone on trips where you have seen them.

There are more than 1,500 species of them worldwide. For a specific locale some of them maybe native and some may have been introduced.

However this actually isn’t really a natural history lesson. Instead we are just wanting to look at a new informative toy called the Geckobot which allows you to build your own robotic gecko as well as 6 additional operating robot configurations – an industrial robotic arm, a car, an octopus, a crawling insect, a robotic window cleaner and a vacuum holder.

Marketed by Thames & Kosmos this is the most recent in their selection of toys that are equally educational and exciting.

There are 176 parts in the box from which you can build your personal Geckobot that can walk vertically up any kind of smooth surface area such windows, ceramic tiles and laminate.

There is a battery driven motor which drives a gearbox that does two tasks. It helps to make the legs move like an actual live Gecko and drives an air suction pump which helps make the suction caps stick and disengage from the climbing surface at the right moment.

It additionally generates a realistic side to side motion of the head and tail as it moves. After that to top it all if the Gecko’s tongue hits something ahead the walking motion is backpedaled and it climbs down the wall.

How Much Does It Cost?
The Geckobot is presently listed on at $23.99 which is over a 50% discount on the listed price.

Exactly Who Might Buy The Geckobot?
This is really for boy or girls 8 years old and above. It will interest them for a range of diverse reasons.

The set is very like LEGO technics so if they just like constructing Lego sets this should definitely entice those with a construction predisposition.

For the young scientist or experimenter this should have great appeal and would certainly be a really good purchase.

Similarly for young people who like the natural world or who enjoy creepy crawlies it would be a good substitute for them rather than carrying the genuine item into the household!

Points We Like Concerning The Geckobot?
Geckobot4This is an impressive educational toy which will certainly teach a child a few fundamentals of practical science.

It’s also quite functional because they can construct the 6 different designs on their own using the directions in the well illustrated manual. It shows them ways to put it together and explains the science behind it.

Of particular note: Geckobot was a 2016 Winner in the ASTRA Best Toys For Kids awards. (ASTRA= American Specialty Toy Retailing Association) and it is an Amazon Choice item too

Points We Didn’t Like About It
This is actually a stimulating and innovative toy. Who would not want a wall crawling robot lizard?

If we have anything unfavorable to say perhaps we would have liked it to be more gecko appearing than robotic. But that is being a little pedantic. Really there is little whatsoever that is really inappropriate.

There is definitely a choking and strangulation hazard warning on the box.

Is The Geckobot Worth The Money?
At the present discounted price of $23.99 it is really good value.

For the appropriate young person Geckobot is certainly likely to be worth the money. They will get a great deal of fun with it and learn some practical scientific truths as well.

If your child has little interest in constructing things or Science then you will be better of not spending your money on this.

Where Can I Buy It?
Geckobot is readily available on the internet at now. At the moment there are 24 seller listed there.

Final Thoughts
This is something a little different and will attract a lot of kids. The capacity to construct it and play with it then modify it to make different models pretty much validates Geckobot.

There are 126 buyer reviews on giving it a 3.5 star rating right now.

Finally there are some other Geckobots in the Transformer collection. They are definitely not the equivalent as this coming from Thames and Kosmos. Make sure not to get them mixed up.

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