Gidget A Plush Buddy From The Secret Life of Pets

gidget-life-of-pets-1Gidget is a 12-inch artificial pet toy that is an exact likeness of that famous movie character from the Secret Life of Pets. She is also referred to as a Talking Plush Buddy.

This extremely large and soft, plush character is perfect for cuddling. Gidget is also great for playtime and naptime.

Gidget is very entertaining too. She talks, interacts and makes noises whenever you tilt or squeeze her. Not only that she has the looks too.

Pretty, cute and adorable she is the ideal companion for any young child.

But cute does not mean small. At just on 12 inches tall and weighing in at 1.5 pounds she is a ‘friend’ that the children can really take to and enjoy. One reviewer made specific comment that she was bigger than expected.

Letting this ‘Buddy’ from the Secret Life of Pets into your home will give everyone the chance to re-enact their favorite moments and scenes from the movie.

How Much Gidget Cost?
Currently sells on Amazon for just under $28 new Gidget is really well priced for the fun and enjoyment that she delivers.

There are offers seven sellers with a range of prices. Be aware that some of these are classed as ‘Collectables’ which presumablely means used.

And bear in mind that there are two sizes, a 12 inch version and a 6 inch version each priced differently.

Who Would Buy It?
The manufacturer recommends this charming pet dog for children between the ages of 4-9 years. However, if you are a pet-lover, or you don’t want to adopt a real pet because of the responsibilities they bring, then this enchanting, beautiful Gidget could be an absolute choice for you.

Things We Like About It
Gidget is an artificial pet. However this lovely and adorable pet toy looks so lifelike you could be forgiven for thinking she is real.

With those big expressive eyes, cute floppy ears, lolling tongue and a pink bow it is easy imagine she is alive.

If you have seen the movie, The Secret Life of Pets, then you will find this product is identical to Gidget, a favorite character from the movie.

gidget-life-of-pets-2Getting Gidget to work is very easy. You need to squeeze her or tilt her to get her talking. She will immediately repeat some of the best dialogues from the movie in her ecstatic and euphoric tone. And the talking can be turned off if it becomes too much at times.

This talking plush buddy is made from some super soft materials which will entice you to hug her every time. She also has the perfect size to cuddle in your bed.

The manufacturer of this product recommends it as a child’s pet toy. However, anyone who likes soft, cuddly toys will definitely want to cuddle, snuggle and play with her too.

The product is a very well-made. Several of the Amazon reviewers make this comment.

And one final plus. There a whole family of these characters from ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ – Snowball, Max, Sweet Pea, Mel and Buddy are all there to collect.

Things We Did Not Like About Gidget
Well, this talking plush buddy doesn’t have any real shortcomings. However because she needs 3 x LR44 button batteries (supplied) there is a choking hazard warning on Amazon.

One prospective purchaser asked if the batteries holder was sealed with securing screws. And the answer is Yes.

Provided you exercise normal safety precautions and screw the batteries shut it is relatively OK. Just be aware of the choking risk for children aged less than 3 years old.

Another reviewer said that the tilt option did not work. Only the squeeze option worked. A tip from one reader about Max (another character) said there is a black lever under a velcro seal on the his stomach which needs to be moved from ‘O’ to ‘I’ to turn it on. This may also be an option for Gidget.

Is It Worth The Money?
The package comes with one talking plush buddy, one instruction manual and three LR44 button cell batteries. The entire package is affordable and friendly.

The product’s specifications and the product delivered are one and the same so there is absolutely no ambiguity.

This pet toy has the enough punch and potential to satisfy any buyers with her design, looks, quality and performance. All these features make this Gidget really worth the price.

Where Can Gidget be Purchased?
You can buy this Secret Life of Pets Gidget Talking Plush Buddy through the usual online e-commerce marketplaces. Amazon is offering the product at a very reasonable price along with free shipping.

Final Thoughts
Gidget is not only affordable she is also definitely something for the family to enjoy. She will just bring more fun, entertainment, and adventure into your home.

With 3.8 stars on Amazon from 244 reviewers Gidget is clearly a hit product.

And if the bigger 12 inch version is too large there is a smaller, cheaper 6 inch one here priced at $18.98.

This smaller one has an even better 4.7 star rating from 127 customer reviews

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