Harley Quinn DC Super Hero Girl 12″ Action Doll

DC Harlequin Girl3When I was young boys were the ones into superheroes and girls were into Barbie dolls. Now in this more enlightened age girls like their superhero comics, films and characters just as much as the boys.

Harley Quinn struck the spotlight with the Suicide Squad motion picture where her character plays a huge part. This version from Mattel is a younger teen Harley Quinn. She relates to the online Super Hero Girls animation series rather than being associated with the movie. As such this Harley Quinn is focused on younger children.

She is among the most popular characters in a range of DC Super Hero Girls Action figures and is a cross in between a fashion doll and an action figure.

What Is The Price For Harley?
You can expect to pay around $10 for this 12 inch action figure. Although Amazon has a list price of $24.99 it is discounted now.

When examining costs be aware there was also 6 inch version of the exact same character. This one is currently listed at $7.47.

Who Would Buy The Harley Quinn Action Doll?
Mattel’s recommended age for this doll 6 – 15 years. Older kids and especially collectors will still be interested.

As a doll Harley will appeal for any girl old enough to like the Batgirl or Supergirl comic book characters. It will also attract girls who already have dolls in the DC Super Hero Girl range and to collectors of any age.

Things We Like About It.
If you are a collector of superhero toys and action figures this will make a nice addition to your collection. Keep in its box as the product packaging has a great design.

For those who prefer to play with their dolls and action figures this one has a lot of articulation so you can pose the doll in various positions. Being self supporting Harley is able to stand up without needing a separate base.

The included giant mallet fits into Harley’s hand really well. She definitely looks fantastic and being among the more colorful dolls in the DC Super Hero range just adds to her appeal.

Things We Did Not Like About.
We think this is a quality doll well suited with the rest of the range. We did observe that one customer wasn’t too crazy about the painted legs. But she did say her daughter loved it so that was more important. Apart from this comment there appears to be little that customers are unhappy with.

Is The Harley Quinn Action Doll Worth The Money?
$10 is a great price for Harley. She is a reasonable size at 12 inches tall, looks terrific and appears to be well enough made to validate the cost.

If you do not want to pay $10 there are smaller 6 inch versions for just over $7. They have exactly the exact same features as the larger figures.

Where Can I Buy The Harley Quinn Action Doll?
This doll and the complete range of other Super Hero Girls dolls are readily available at Amazon. Bigger retail toy and collector’s shops are also likely to stock her.

Final Thoughts.
There are other more adult orientated Super Hero figures available but I’d feel happy buying Harley for a younger child who likes this specific Super Hero.

There is a lot of innovative play to be had with this doll. Especially if she is used with other dolls in the series.

There is a free animation series that connects these dolls as well as video game apps to play. Any young super hero fan will love one of these as a gift.

Harley rates well on Amazon with 372 reviewers giving her a 4.7 star score. This suggests a high level of satisfaction among purchasers.

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