INLAIER Remote Control Gravity Defying RC Car

SZJJX Spiderman Wall Climber Climbing RC Car

So let’s get this straight right from the start. This toy is a manufactured in China and has changed its name and look somewhat. Maybe because it was originally listed as a Spiderman car.

The Inlaier RC car comes in two colors. You can pick the red one on this Amazon page here and  access the Blue one here

We are going to delve into the pluses and minuses and the features of this zero gravity toy automobile.

How Much Money Will You Need?
At the moment it is available online for around $23.  However as we consistently advise check out online stores such as Amazon to see what the present price tag is.

Who Would Order It?
The manufacturers advise that it is suitable for 8 years and up. But this is a fairly easy RC car to operate and smaller kids, maybe with supervision, could easily operate this car.

It will likely entice the majority of kids, teenagers and some adults if they have an interest in cars or RV vehicles. The wall climbing capability is likely to peak their interest.

Things We Fancy About This Toy
Obviously the first is it’s zero gravity feature that makes it able to climb walls and travel across smooth ceiling surfaces. This is a great selling point and makes it quite different from the conventional RC car.

The INLAIER uses a special air vacuum feature that sucks air and and this is what secures it to a vertical surface area without falling off. It works equally well on the floor, on a vertical wall or inverted on a smooth ceiling.

And of course it works just as well as a regular RC race car.

Don’t allow the Made in China sticker put you off. This car is extremely durable and described as ‘shockproof’ so drops to the floor should not be any problem.

Checking out reviews on the internet it appears that customers have found this is so.

The remote control enables the car to go forwards, backwards, turn left and right and rotate 360 degrees.

Whenever you halt the car its brake lights turn on.

And almost NO batteries – The car  is equipped with inbuilt batteries that allow the car to be charged in two ways. Either via the remote controller or with the USB charging cable.

But the hand control unit requires 6 “AA” batteries which are not included.

Things We Did Not Like About It
The car is fairly light in weight and small. Don’t be disappointed when it arrives.

It really has to be lightweight otherwise it would be too big and heavy to climb the walls. Despite the fact that it is light-weight it is sturdy and won’t get damaged easily.

Is It Worth The Money?
For a durable little RC car that can easily climb walls we’d say it is certainly worth the money. However having to get batteries for the controller could become pricey so we suggest maybe getting rechargeable batteries for this

Where Can You Best Buy It?
Amazon currently has the two colors in stock together with user reviews and videos that show the Inlaier Wall Climber Climbing RC Car in action.

Concluding Comment
The Inlaier RC Car will make a fantastic gift for young or old.

It will offer hours of fun either racing it up walls, across the ceiling or just around the level.

It has a 4.3 star rating on Amazon from 75 reviewers and the Red edition of this car is an Amazon Choice item

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