Kidzone Bumper Car

Driving Fun For Little Ones

Toddlers and younger children will just love driving around in their Kidzone Bumper Car pretending they’re doing the same thing as their parents.

And these are child sized electric cars are meant to look like real ones which will delight all the little ones.

A Combination of Bumping and Driving

The Kidzone bumper car combines the fun of driving with the fun of real bumper cars. All contained in a compact vehicle that kids will love.

These bumper cars can be driven inside or outside on concrete and can be safely bumped into each other. But they can really only be used outside in a limited space.

Safety The Top Concern

They come with a quality fitted safety belt already installed. So your child driver will be protected when they’re driving around.

These little cars are powered by 6volt batteries which can quickly be charged. The charge will last for quite awhile too.

Two Modes Of Control

An interesting feature of this device is that it has two control knobs for the driver to use. So a young child driver can use them to drive it themselves.

However if, for any reason, you want to take control or keep them safe, there’s a remote control option that you can use to steer it yourself.

This makes for a safer experience, ensuring that your child doesn’t steer off into something that they shouldn’t.

Solid Tire Construction

The tires are designed to resist flattening, so the vehicle can be stored for long periods. And small things can be run over without having to worry about the tires going flat.

Bumper And Speed Protection

The Kidzone Bumper Car has a flexible PVC skirting around the outer edge of the car. This acts as the bumper buffer which protects anything it bumps into from being scratched or damaged.

The car’s speed is maxed out at 0.75 mph. Feels fast to the kids, but is a safe controlled speed that won’t endanger them.

Your House And Furniture Is Safe

Because of it low maximum speed it’s unlikely to knock over furniture or any other household items.

It’s also capable of spinning a full 360 degrees. So they won’t have to reverse out of a tight corners thus reducing the chances of getting stuck.

It comes installed with a flashing LED light ring around the car so it can be seen in the dark. Another nice touch that the kids will enjoy.

Customizable Color and Number

The car’s color and racing number can be chosen by the intended driver. This will make it unique to them and will give them a real sense of ownership.

So whether it’s the junior driver using the joysticks, or you using the remote control, this is a fun toy that will be highly sought after this year.

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