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Lego Architecture New York City Reviewed

Lego New York1This Lego Architecture release is among three Skyline style architecture sets from Lego. The other two are a Berlin and a Venice Skyline.

The New York City set consists of 598 pieces and features five of New York’s most popular and iconic structures – Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Flatiron Building, One World Trade Center and The Statue of Liberty.

What Is The Price Of The Set?
This Lego Architecture set has a listed market price of $59.99 on Amazon however is presently selling there for $45.48 online.

Along with that Buy Box rate there are 48 other sellers with one who has it listed at $39.99. This last figure might well be a seconds product.

Certainly the price does appear to be varying for what is proving to be a preferred release. If you plan on purchasing one we suggest that you make a close study of prices prior to making your purchase.

Who Would Buy This New York City Lego Kit?
Lego recommend this set for 12 to 15 years of age. This might be correct from Lego’s perspective. Nevertheless we suggest that, based upon a few of the reviews it likewise has fantastic adult appeal.

We’d suggest this would make a fantastic gift for a teenager who is interested in architecture, was simply into Lego or desired a more grown up design building set.

Grownups have also plainly taken pleasure in making this construct either alone or as a family friendly task. Some who were living remote from NY even became nostalgic for their old hometown as a result.

Things We Like About These Lego Architecture Kits
Lego New York4We like the brand-new skyline idea that Lego have actually added to their architecture series. While this is a fairly small (10″ high x 9″ broad x 1″ deep) and easy to build package the completed outcome truly does catch the design of these buildings.

There enclosed instruction book is well provided and gives you truths concerning the history and architecture of New York and these buildings.

You also get a spare Statue of Liberty mini-figure just in case you lose the top of the Statue of Liberty!

Things We Didn’t Like About It.
It is not the most exciting of Lego designs to develop. Some of it can be a bit tedious and recurring specifically the Empire State and Chrysler buildings.

You can already purchase a few of these New York structures as specific Lego architecture sets. These are rather larger and more detailed. If you already have any of them you might feel this set is just repeating structures you currently have, however, on a smaller scale. This set is really for those who want a diorama of New York.

Is It Worth The Money?
As you get five different buildings and a nice display stand we would say the cost for this Lego set is justified.

While this isn’t a given some of these Lego Architecture sets have ended up being collector’s items and have actually risen in price. So if you are feeling speculative, like at least one customer, you may simply purchase and keep it boxed as a financial investment.

Where Can You Buy This New York City Set?
This set is available from the Lego store online and other large online shops such as Amazon. We have examined a few of the 68 confirmed purchase reviews on Amazon and discover it is normally incredibly popular. Either as a gift for a young person or as a self purchase by fully grown adults who just enjoy Lego. 78% of the reviewers gave it five stars.

Final Thoughts
Some people may choose the Lego kit for a specific building however we think these brand-new horizon Lego sets looks good with plenty of information. This would be a great gift for a teen or grownup who is interested in architecture and New York.

There are likely to be more sets skyline sets in the future. So why not start a collection.

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