Lego City Volcano Exploration Base Review

Lego Volcano1This is the second biggest set in a series of ‘Volcano’ sets which are a sub-theme of the Lego City type sets. Currently there are six sets available that range in price from a small starter set to the most expensive which is the Heavy-lift helicopter set.

The Volcano Exploration Base is an 824 piece set that includes an erupting volcano and a huge truck and trailer that holds the mobile exploration system. You also get an excavator, 6 mini-figures, a drone, a small dumpster truck and a lot of other smaller accessories for broad imaginative play.

How Much Does It Cost?
The price appears to be altering quite a lot for this item. At present we are seeing the price on Amazon about $170.
Other sellers on Amazon have it listed from $120 or so with some used from just over $80.

There are other sets in the series that have fewer components and are therefore cheaper. Just make sure you pick the right one.

Who Would Buy The Volcano Exploration Base?
Lego’s suggested age for this is 8-12 years of age. This is a good age range for Lego to select.
Enthusiastic Lego collectors young or old will probably have some interest in this set.

Things We Like About It
Lego Volcano3The feature of this set which we like the best is the truck/mobile operations unit. This huge rugged looking all terrain vehicle opens up on either side to expose the control equipment inside.

The cab area has a crane on the back and there are a good devices and attachments to choose from. The whole look of this rugged vehicle has actually been well thought out and it is a bit different from the typical Lego truck.

We also liked the fact that the 6 mini-figures were made up of both male and female characters. There is a good balance of both gender and roles such as workers, travelers and researchers.

The whole volcano and crystal finding activity of the Logo City Volcano Explorer set gives the opportunity for broad, imaginative game play for younger Lego enthusiasts.

Things We Did Not Like About It
The volcano has an single function where it fires lava bombs out of the top of the volcano when a switch is pushed. While this will be enjoyable for the first couple of times for younger children it does not require much initiative to do so. The lava bombs will most likely get lost quite quickly if they not looked after.

We also think that the volcano looked rather small when compared with the big mobile truck and the rest of the set.

Is This Lego City Volcano Kit Worth The Money?
While this isn’t one of our preferred Lego sets it does have a great number of pieces. It will appeal to most Lego fans. With a 4.7 star rating from 253 reviews it has certainly pleased many of them already.

When it was released a couple of years ago it was marked for a price of $120.

Where Can I Buy This Volcano Exploration Base?
Amazon is offering the full series of Lego City Volcano Sets. We suggest that this is probably the best place to start your research to find the best price.

Final Thoughts
This has enough play value to get hours and hours of enjoyment for any budding seismologist and his friends. Involve the family and it will double the fun!

With over 800 pieces this set will certainly keep anyone busy for some time constructing the volcano and all the equipment.

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