Lego Creator Vacation Getaways Kit 31052

Lego Creator Vacation3Unwind and chill out with this brand-new 3 in 1 Vacation Trip set from LEGO.

The primary build item is a spectacular Recreational Vehicle camper van but you can also build a yacht or a holiday house.

While the camper van takes the pride of place as the very best construction from the three, you can also choose to build the boat or a vacation home.

How Much Does This Set Cost?
The listed price on Amazon for this set is $111  With other offers to choose from there are a range of prices so just take care when choosing your seller.

Who Would Buy This Lego Creator Kit?
Lego market this set as age appropriate for 9-14 years of age. However we are sure there are a lot of older Lego fans who would value this lovely set.

We’d say it is suitable for Lego lovers of all ages. It will be a terrific task for all the family to create together. And for anyone who loves Recreational Vehicles and wants a good looking model to display.

Things We Like About Vacation Getaways.
Lego Creator Vacation4This 750+ piece Lego set is a bit tougher to build than a lot of Lego kits. But we are always happy to handle a challenge and think Lego fans will be too.

There is lots of useful information to help with building this model.

It really does contain some good detailed components and figures. For example there are 2 mini-figures– a Mother and son as well as a small brown bear.

You can remove the roofing system of the camper van to expose the interior. On the inside there is a toilet, bed, kitchen location, couch and television. There is also a barbecue, maps and luggage.

The camper van also tows a trailer and motorboat and there is a striped yellow canvas awning. This doubles up as a fabric canopy for a deck on the 2nd floor of the holiday house alternative construction.

Another nice touch when you construct the Summer House is that you also build a small yellow jeep to park outside.

Things We Didn’t Like About It
All in all this is a quality Lego brick building set and we really liked everything about it.

We did find the yacht a little frustrating but this was more than made up for by the in-depth camper van and the lovely holiday home.

Another small frustration is if you want to display both the camper van and the summer house you will have to purchase 2 sets. But maybe we are being a bit choosey about this. Lego make it clear that it is one or the other not both.

One unusual point. There is no adult male mini-figure but this isn’t a deal breaker.

Is The Vacation Getaway Kit Worth The Money?
These Lego Creator sets are probably give the most value in a building kit because there are three alternative models to construct.

For those that enjoy building Lego brick structures, rather than just having fun with the bricks, these kits are especially good value.

Where Can I Buy This Kit?
You may not be able to purchase this kit at a close by local toystore. Your best option will be to buy it from either the LEGO online shop or from another online retailer such as Amazon.

Final Thoughts.
Each year LEGO appear to make even more spectacular sets than the year before. This looks like one of them. So take care, you could end up spending a fortune on these stunning brick built models.

These Creator sets are definitely some of the most value loaded Lego kits out there. They have plenty to offer.

Rated at 4.6 stars from 195 Amazon reviewers this Lego Creator Vacation Getaway kit is certainly one of them.

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