Lego Duplo Big Construction Site Kit

Lego Duplo Big Construction2The majority of children like constructing things and knocking them down so they are going to enjoy this Duplo construction set.

Duplo is Lego’s answer for pre-schoolers who have yet to totally acquire the co-ordination and motor skills needed for basic Lego bricks. With huge colored pieces ideally suited for little hands Duplo is always a hit with small folk. And there is the added safety factor that they are too big to be swallowed.

This Big Construction Site kit, made up of 67 pieces, consists of a truck, bulldozer and crane and a great deal of other terrific accessories.

Just How Much Does It Cost?
The Amazon listing for this package here starts at $65 with a number of sellers available.

Reviewers give 5 stars from 135 reviews. At this star level it is an excellent option.

As always make certain you do a bit of price checking before committing to a purchase.

Who Would Want To Buy This Lego Duplo Kit?
As currently noted Duplo is Lego’s range of construction toys for more younger kids. They recommend this particular set for ages 2-5 years old.

While building sets are traditionally a ‘Boys’ toy there is no reason why both young boys and girls should not enjoy playing with this set. There is a lot of imaginative play to be had actually with this set even if they aren’t especially interested in ‘Construction’. They will definitely like all the different moving parts and functions contained in this package.

Things We Like About The Big Construction Site.
Lego Duplo Big Construction3Lego are correct when they state this Duplo set is a big set.
First there is a complete crane with an operators cabin that rotates and a working claw arm for picking up bricks or other products. And there is also a tracked bulldozer and a tipper truck.

Accessories consist of 3 safety helmeted building and construction employees, traffic cones and a working wheelbarrow.
There are also other bricks to move or be carried in the truck or lifted by the crane.

If you have kids that play well together this will keep more than one child securely entertained for a long time.  And there is a lot of repeat play to be had with this set.

If you kids already own other Duplo sets this one ought to fit in nicely with any they currently have.

And Duplo is extremely robust so ought to survive any rough play that it may receive.

Things We Weren’t Quite So Keen About.
We try to be unbiased in our reviews and tell it like it is. If we discover something we do not like we will tell you.
Nevertheless we struggled to discover anything unfavorable to say here about this Duplo set.

Because it is a fairly big set with 67 pieces it might be difficult for really young children to assemble so they will need help with it. Apart from that this is a fantastic toy with plenty of imaginative usages.

Possibly there should also have been a woman building employee!

Is This Big Construction Site Kit Worth The Money?
With 3 different devices to build and the included accessories and figures this is certainly a set that deserves the price. Simply bear in mind that prices can vary so check what you are paying before committing.

Where Can You Buy The Lego Duplo Big Construction Site?
Many online stores that stock LEGO building sets are most likely to stock this Construction site set. Amazon definitely has it listed twice!

Final Thoughts
A big, tough 3-in-1 Duplo brick building set for 2 to 5 year olds.
It has lots of capacity for innovative play with the added bonus of helping develop good motor skills.
Add to this the problem solving abilities required when learning the best ways to put it together and you have an exceptional product.

When built it has enough functions and detail to keep your kids at play for a long time. Great for indoor or outdoor use.
Why not supply a pail of water and some sand outside and you’ll likely have hours of peace!

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