Lionel Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos Review

Lionel MegaTrack Chaos3If you have ever had an interest in model trains you will have likely become aware of Lionel train sets. But this Mega Tracks model is like no train set that you have actually seen before. The Mega Tracks Corkscrew has actually been described as an insane mix of slot Car, roller coaster and toy train set.

To be clear this isn’t really like a slot car racing set. With this you just get the one remote control vehicle. I’m not certain whether to call it a train or an automobile. It looks a bit like a space ship but for our puposes we will explain it as a RC vehicle to save any confusion.

It features over 20 feet of twistable track so it can bent and twisted to create all sorts of insane designs. One customer says that the track is far more flexible than he anticipated. Another discusses how the track bends (flexes) as the moving RC vehicle’s forces load it up when passing. Yet another says that the car moves remarkably quickly on the track.

In addition to the track and the RC car there is also a charger, a push-button control, and various clamps and accessories to build the track.

The remote control can also be linked to your phone so you can make videos, take photos and include a lap timer.

How Much Does This MegaTracks Set Cost?
Currently the cost is listed on Amazon at $32.33. Another 12 sellers have it on offer with a range of prices. Simply check the most recent status online to see if things have altered before you make your purchase.

Who Would Buy The Mega Tracks Corkscrew?
Lionel recommends this set as being suitable for 8 – 15 year olds. But some of the customers suggest that adult support and supervision will be needed for both assembling and operation particularly for younger ones. And of course this would make a good parent and child task.

Things We Like About Lionel Mega Tracks
Lionel MegaTrack Chaos2Putting together model railway and slot car racing layouts can be a little bit of a task because the components usually have a fixed shape and length.

Setting up the Mega Tracks layout is half the fun. Since you are developing a nearly totally free style insane roller coaster design that can defy gravity.

Some kids will truly enjoy this challenge but it requires patience. Younger kids might be more easily discouraged when setting it up.

The RC Vehicle is really fast and like a roller coaster can climb vertically and go upside down if you get your track established properly.

We liked the fact that there are add-on track packs so larger set ups can be produced. Lionel have really been clever by marketing this package as two separate sets with either a green or a red RC vehicle. The two vehicles operate on separate frequencies so can be used side by side without disturbance from the other.

Things We Did Not Like About It
The directions are extremely small and fairly complicated. However there are a lot of videos online which should help when building the track. As soon as you get to grips with the best ways to assemble it you can begin creating lots of different layout designs.

Some customers mentioned that the RC vehicle didn’t always remain on the track but with experimentation you will find exactly which set ups work best– it’s all about g-forces and physics!

The RC car has a charger supplied however the remote requires a nine volt battery that is not included. One reviewer says this battery seems to last quite well.

Is The Mega Tracks Kit Worth The Money?
There is a lot of value in the Mega Tracks set because there are many layout variations you can build.

It will need a kid with persistence and perhaps some adult support to make the most of it all. Nevertheless if your child enjoys trains or roller coasters, has an interest in experimenting and perhaps engineering this toy will get a great deal of use. Some dads would like this set also!

Where Can I Buy It?
The Mega Tracks Corkscrew is available from shops online. Amazon stock both the red and green engine versions.

Final Thoughts
A challenging but enjoyable toy that will attract the older end of the spectrum. Currently rated with 3.5 stars on Amazon from 126 customer evaluations.

It is more than other types of track layout kits both in design and speed. There are a great number of components so it will take a measure of ability and patience to get it functional.

For those who can remember Scalextrics slot automobiles (which are still around) this might be just the thing. Some Dads will certainly value this as a gift as well.

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