Marvel Avengers XPV RC Rollover Rumbler Evaluated

xpv3The XPV Marvel Remote Control Rollover Rumbler was inspired by Marvel’s Captain America film, Civil War. So any fans of Captain America or Iron Man will likely have an interest.

It is cleverly designed by one of the leading US designer and marketers of children’s toys, JAKKS Pacific Inc.

One side is Blue and the other side is Red so you can change driver and color by flipping the Rollover Rumbler. A novel approach that lets children avoid the dilemma of choosing between their favorite super heroes.

And for those who want to know what XPV stands for it’s Xtreme Performance Vehicles

How Much Does This RC Cost?
The XPV Marvel RC Rollover Rumbler is currently listed on Amazon at $47.68 . There are 12 offers there and prices vary. If you choose to buy it take care who you order it from.

Who Would Buy The XPV Marvel Rollover Rumbler?
This Remote Control vehicle is recommended for youngsters four years and above. It will have obvious appeal to the ones who are into super heros and their movies.

With it’s two sided feature drivers have the option of choosing team Captain America or Iron Man. They can have twice the driving action with just the one vehicle.

It is perfect for having high speed excitement with it’s spin, flip, and jump capability.

Things We Like About This RC Vehicle
Great vehicle for children who love to drive vehicles at super hero speeds.

It is two vehicles combined into one just like the one in the Captain AMerica Civil War movie.

The multi-function remote control is one of the things that make it an amazing vehicle. This enables you to flip the vehicle over and drive it on either side and in either direction.

This also allows the vehicle to keep going even if it gets knocked over. In this case it will automatically adjust itself to stay on the new side or just fully flip back. With this features kids don’t have to pause operations to right the RC vehicle when it gets knocked over.

The 2.4 GHz remote control enables the operator to maneuver the vehicle in many directions using the hinged back wheels.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use it should provide plenty of fun for everyone who likes to operate RC vehicles.

On firm surfaces. such as concrete or low carpet pile, it can accelerate to a top speed of 7 miles per hour. By turning it quickly you can make it do incredible stunts like 2-wheeled spins and barrel rolls. You can also drive it off ramps for bigger jumps.

One of the things that you will really like about this R/C is how smooth the turns are.

Things we Didn’t like About The Rollover Rumbler
xpv1One big factor is that it requires 10 AA batteries and these are not supplied with the vehicle. One reviewer said that the batteries ran out quickly making it expensive to operate.

10 batteries is an unusually large number so if operated a lot it will likely very quickly prove expensive. Unless, of course, you invest in re-chargable ones.

There is some variation in price but not enough to be disconcerting. So just take care when you order.

It also has a number of small parts which creates a choking hazard to children under the age of three years.

Is it Worth The Money?
The XPV Rollover Rumbler has a good selection of features so for the current Amazon listed price of $47.68 it is reasonable. Just remember to factor in the batteries.

Where Can I Buy The XPV Marvel Rollover Rumbler?
XPV Marvel RC Rollover Rumbler has been available at all major retailers and online stores including Amazon.

Final Thoughts
The XPV Marvel RC Rollover Rumbler looks to be a great toy for children into Captain America and remote vehicles. It is suited for indoor and outdoor use, quickly accelerates to a top speed, performs incredible stunts and can do crazy jumps off ramps.

With all its interesting features and the fun to be had it should be a great gift for any Marvel Superheroes fan. Currently has a 4.3 star rating on Amazon from 17 reviewers.

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