Melissa and Doug’s Make-a-Cake Mixer Set Reviewed

Melissa & Doug Cake MixingThis cool little replica wooden mixer is the best pretend toy for any kid that likes to participate in the kitchen area. While you are busily working in the kitchen you can encourage them to be part of the baking too.

The Make-a-Cake Wooden Mixer Set is a genuine tough little wooden mixer set which is perfectly painted for any child. It will remind those people who can remember of an earlier time when toys (and some kitchen utensils) were usually wood.

This is an 11 piece toy set with a hand cranked mixer and bowl together with the related recipe and ingredients for a pretend pound cake. These include a cracked wood egg, a loaf tin, butter, a butter knife, a pound cake, a pound cake baking tin and a recipe list.

Any young cook will take great pleasure with their efforts in baking this cake.

How Much Does Melissa and Doug’s Mixer Cost?
The mixer costs $24.69 on Amazon and $25 on the Melissa and Doug site. At the moment Amazon have it listed with a Buy Box price of $24.69. However there are another 38 sellers listed here with a range of prices.

There is also an alternative Amazon listing for $35.99 where the mixer set features a Free Scratch Art pad as an present.

Who Would Buy Such an Item?
This mixer set is recommnded for kids aged 3 to 5 years old. It will promote make believe kitchen and cooking play for any youngster who no doubt can be ablely helped by their moms and dads.

It has a smart little crank on the top which moves the mixer beater in the bowl. There is a speed dial on the side which can be turned for various ‘settings’ and the beater heads can be raised like a real mixer.

Things We Like About Melissa and Doug’s Set?
Melissa & Doug Cake Mixing5It’s wood! This makes it far more of a novelty than the dime a dozen plastic mixer toys you can find in many stores. The wood build makes it far more long lasting and it will handle any child’s energetic use if they decide to do some solid baking.

The colors are gender neutral which prevents the stereo typing that little girls are drawn to baking because operating in the kitchen ia a feminine activity. You simply have to think ‘Chef’ and that neuters any idea that cooking is confined to the female gender.

Things We Don’t Like About It?
Our reservation is that these kitchen cooking sets are normally confined to the one function like a mixer. If you want more than just a particular sort of product (a mixer, an oven, various kinds of food) then you have to acquire every one individually.

This drives up the overall cost if your kid gets tired with one and you have to buy another one. Melissa and Doug have an entire series of other kitchen and domestic related toys like a toaster and a coffee machine to name just two.

Nevertheless, that’s basic fare and it certainly isn’t limited to Melissa and Doug’s toys it applies to most other toy makers.

Is it Worth the Money?
Even if you consider this specific set might be a little high priced it is definitely of value. Wooden toy products are really difficult to come by these days, especially something like this that is built to last.

In a world where using more affordable production materials and lower cost equates to more profit it is refreshing to see that Melissa and Doug have not succumbed to this.

This mixer set is very popular and sells well so it’s essentially good value for the price.

Where Can I Buy It?
It is available at a number of toy shop outlets and it is on Melissa and Doug’s website. And keep in mind there are 16 sellers on Amazon too.
Nevertheless, because of its appeal, stock availability on Amazon can be low. But with 38 sellers there I’m sure you will find one that is available.

Final Thoughts
There were indications at one stage that extra stock might be hard to find This somewhat verifies both the popularity and the quality that goes into these toys. There are currently 208 reviews on Amazon giving this item a 4.7 star rating which speaks for itself..

Melissa and Doug appear to pride themselves on making toys that kids truly delight in and can in fact have fun with. This is definitely an exceptional toy for the task. And if you are not able to get this particular set why not try one of their others – there are actually lots of good toy alternatives from which to pick.

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