Melissa & Doug’s Roll Wrap Slice Sushi Counter Reviewed

Melissa & Doug Sushi Counter1 Melissa and Doug’s Sushi Counter is another one of their very popular food based sets such as sandwich making and a smaller sized sushi slicing play set.

This most recent Sushi Counter contains 46 pieces and so far has proved to be very popular. And it should not be confused with their Sushi Slicing Play Set mentioned below.

The complete description of this product on their site is ‘Roll, Wrap and Slice Sushi Counter’. It consists of a little serving and display counter together with sushi making equipment. There is a sushi rolling mat, a chopping knife and all the active ingredients for making a range of sushi rolls.

There are wood sushi pieces that can be rolled up in replica nori strips which can be stuck together utilizing the self-stick tabs. Using the sushi mat to roll them up they can then be sliced and served with soy or wasabi. Pieces can be picked with the self stick chop sticks.

You get a wooden tray for serving up the sushi in addition to a dipping bowl, a sushi guide, instructions and a re-usable menu too

Just How Much Does This All Cost?
This product is presently listed on the Amazon website for $47.25 which is somewhat higher than some of their other food toys. There are 13 seller and it has 4.9 star rating from 30 reviewers. This is really good!

Who Would Buy The Roll, Wrap and Slice Sushi Counter
This toy sushi set is recommended for 3+ by the producer. We think kids of six would most likely be the oldest to get academic or play benefit from this set. Young boys or girls would equally like this set.

Even if the child hasn’t had much contact with sushi they will still learn and have a good time playing with this set. If your children have other Melissa and Doug food toys this one would be a great set to complement their others because it is a bit unique.

Things We Like About This Melissa and Doug Sushi Counter
Melissa and Doug build toys that will last and are really durable. This one truly looks the part.
There is plenty of opportunity here for creative play and role play. And there are instructional physical advantages such as learning about foods from different cultures, counting and improving motor abilities when making the sushi.

We could not really find any fault with this toy set. Like all Melissa and Doug items it is well made and robust.

It might be a little bit dull for some extremely active boys or girls. Then again perhaps it might just be the toy to slow them down with some quiet play time.

Is The Sushi Counter Worth The Money?
Compared to a few of the other Melissa and Doug food sets this is relatively costly however it does include 47 parts so it is a big set.

On balance we believe that you will get value from it if it is appropriate for your youngster.

Where Can I Buy This Toy Sushi Counter?
A lot of toy product suppliers online will likely to be stocking this toy sushi set. Trusted merchants like Amazon are always the best places to look first.

Final Thoughts
This is the 2nd wooden sushi set from Melissa and Doug.

Melissa & Doug Sushi1

The first one has actually been around for at least 4 year (mentioned by one reviewer) and has shown exceptionally popular. In fact it has a 4.7 star rating from 356 reviews. So toy sushi must to be an incredibly popular product. At $24.99 for this 24 piece set, on a per piece cost, it is a better buy. You can buy a customized version of this set slightly cheaper.

Both are fun products and fledgling young chefs will certainly get a great deal of imaginative play from either of these sets.

Melissa and Doug have an excellent online reputation for producing quality wooden toys of excellent quality. Both these toys are Amazon Choice selections.

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