Monopoly Ultimate Banking Edition Evaluated

Monopoly Ultimate1This traditional banking and property acquisition board game has been around since 1935. Nowadays it has numerous versions but for quite a long time there was just what some would call the ‘original edition.’ If you can remember that then you are likely to be in the ‘older set’.

But whatever your age you are at least likely to know of Monopoly even if you have never played it.

The game I understood used Monopoly ‘bank notes’ as the currency for deals. Those, sometimes unforeseen, life occasions were introduced with the use of Chance cards and Community Chest cards. Nowadays they have been changed to 49 cards that include 4 Bank, 22 Title Deeds and 23 Events.

Since those days Hasbro have actually tried to make the game more relevant to today’s circumstances by including more modern banking approaches to the game. The concept being that it would both speed up the game, so it would be more modern, and therefore more fun for today’s players.

When first presented their earlier edition (Monopoly Electronic Banking) got a slightly mixed reception. Some customers thought it slowed the game down a little. Others missed the paper currency and some thought it was tough to keep track of their electronic funds.

Absolutely nothing serious though. It still got 4.5 stars from 181 reviews on Amazon.

This Ultimate Banking Edition edition now has a brand-new and better banking unit that has gotten rid of these previous issues to make it a faster and exciting game. The banking system keeps track of every player and with a tap of your credit card you can see your worth.

Just How Much For The Ultimate Banking Edition?
The sale price on Amazon for this edition of Monopoly is $24.99. However it currently discounted to just over $18. There are other sellers at this price plus one or two previously owned sets.

Who Would Buy This Edition Monopoly?
Hasbro’s recommended age range for this edition is 8-15 years of ages. Personally we would state 8+ as this is an enjoyable family game for any age if the player is able to count and understand the concept of the game. Mother, Dad and Grandad and Grandma would all enjoy this game too.

One of the 3 customer reviews for this edition was a bit doubtful about the brand-new technology for his 82 year old father who was a avid longtime Monopoly player. He need not have worried. His dad loved it.

So anybody who loves Monopoly and those keen on board games ought to find it good value. It is well priced for a good family game.

Things We Like About Monopoly Ultimate Banking
Monopoly Ultimate4The brand-new upgraded banking system keeps an eye on all deals using a touch screen interface. This is a great enhancement.

All the event cards have a universal product code so you just scan the transaction. This produces faster game play. It also eliminates the banker and minimizes the possibility of players cheating.

There are some brand-new cards called ‘Life Events’ that have been introduced to the game to replace the previous Chance and Community Chest cards of old. These can cause property rates and other monetary elements to change which then changes the course of the game. The brand-new banking unit makes this possible.

We also liked the fact that while they had changed a lot of the functions you can still be sent to jail since they have kept the ‘Go to Jail’ card!

Things We Didn’t Like So Much.
Anybody who grew up with the metal tokens and heaps of paper money to play with may find this game a little frustrating. Nostalgia is OK but times have changed. So Monopoly has actually had to stay up to date with modern technology to attract new and younger players.

Is Monopoly Ultimate Banking Worth The Money?
With the modern ATM design banking unit and bar coded cards we believe this is really good value for money. It’s a fantastic household game. The modern innovation and style are needed to attract teenagers who were maybe reluctant to play with earlier more traditional editions.

Where Can I Buy The Ultimate Banking Edition
Toy Shops, Board Game Shops and the big online stores should stock this game.
As pointed out above it is presently offered on Amazon for an affordable price of just over $18. You should still check prices because you may be able to pick up a used one for even less.

Final Thoughts
Hasbro looks like they have actually got it right with this bar code reading banking system. The new 21st Century ‘Life Event’ cards are also a great change.

The previous electronic variation ended up slowing the game down and impacted player interaction. This is a faster variation and a terrific game for all the family. It has 4.2 stars on Amazon from 493 customer evaluations.

And a footnote. The banking unit needs 3 AAA alkaline batteries to operate. They are not included in the set. So it might be a good idea to have some on hand for Christmas morning to avoid frustration.

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