My First Crayola Mess-Free Sand Scribbler Reviewed

Sand Scribbler

Crayola have an array of no mess products for imaginative kids that save Mom both the time and the hard work of tidying up after them!

The sand scribbler is a smart device that lets your child produce sand illustrations in a mess free environment.
The sand scribbler comes with an in-built light capability but if you wish to use this you will be looking to insert 3 AAA batteries.

How Much Will You Pay?
Presently the Crayola Mess-Free Sand Scribbler is listed on line at $25 but is currently discounted to $19.99 on Amazon. You can inspect the present price and also individual reviews Here at Amazon

Who Would Buy It?
Crayola suggest that the appropriate age group for this toy is 2 to 5 years old. Others might enjoy using it from time to time.

Things We Like About It
We are a big advocate of imaginative play things.

As well as imaginative learning the sand scribbler aids with learning about colors, co-ordination and of course just simple drawing.

The doodling is performed with a large ergonomic stylus that is simple for children to hold and is also attached to the device to ensure that it will not go missing.

Kids can draw their shapes in the sand and when they want to start again they just shake the sand scribbler to remove the previous image.

Simple drawing works without any batteries by making use of the magnetic nib on the stylus. The additional light feature needs the 3 AAA batteries already mentioned above.

The background light cycles through twelve different colors to brighten your child’s images. There is also a switch so that your youngster can scroll through the color range to find one they like.

A good battery conserving feature for the light show is that it turns itself off after it has been inactive for a while.

We like its portability as well. This makes it especially good for lengthy automobile journeys. On a night time trip the illuminated background is particularly attractive.

Things We Did Not Like About It
The actual drawing area is rather tiny and the large stylus restricts drawings to broad, basic shapes. It will not be adequate for writing and learning words. You might possibly draw letters on it.

We suggest it is better for younger kids to instruct them concerning shades as well as shapes rather than for older youngsters who maybe practicing their alphabet.

Is It Worth The Money?
Engrave a Sketch and Fisher Price also have comparable scribbling devices at similar prices. This product does have the light show as well as real sand.

For older youngsters tools where they can really write words and also draw more in-depth images could be better. For younger children with limited co-ordination skills the Crayola Mess-Free Sand Scribbler might be easier. Certainly the 12 various tinted lights will make it much more enjoyable.

Where Can I Buy It?
The majority of online stores stock the array of Crayola play things.

Amazon currently has Crayola Sand Scribbler in stock.

Final Thoughts
No mess playthings get our vote! Note however this toy only has 2 1/2 stars on Amazon so it is not a roaring success. One comment says it is a great idea but poor design. A few others seem quite happy with the product.

This is a nice toy for younger kids. It will also keep them busy especially when travelling. It enables imaginative possibilities as well as helping learning.

While this pre-school plaything didn’t particularly ‘WOW ‘us it does what it claims and some young people will likely enjoy it.

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