Project Mc2 Circuit Beats Evaluation

Project Mc2 Circuit Beats1Project Mc2 Circuit Beats is a motherboard that enables you to make musical sounds out of practically anything that carries an electrical current. So long as it conducts an electrical current it can be included as part of an electrical circuit and used to make music.

To make it work just link the circuit board to the object of your choice. This conducting object can be any of a number of odd things such as a banana. First you connect the chosen item (or items) to the circuit board utilizing one of the provided colored adapters.

Then by holding the ground wire in one of your hands, to create a return path for the electrical current, you then tap one finger of your other hand on the object. This completes the circuit and the circuit board begins playing your music.

The motherboard allows you to pick five different sounds: piano, drums, guitar or cat sounds being the first four. The 5th choice is for you to record yourself and make your own noises.

The Circuit Beats kit includes:
– Circuit board unit
– 7 circuit wires with clips to connect to your choice of objects
– Cat Ear speaker headband – Pink and Blue colored
– Sticker sheet to decorate the Project Mc2 Circuit Beats
– Batteries 3 x AAA

Just how much Does Circuit Beats Cost?

The Mc2 Circuit Beats cureently retails on Amazon for $29.99
There are another 28 sellers for this kit with a range of pricing.

Who Would Buy It.
This kit is recommended for ages 6 to 12 year old but is enjoyable for all ages. Particularly those of a technical or electronic bent.

One aspect that is worth highlighting is the fact that the product could fall in the STEAM or STEM knowledge category. (STEAM= Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths) ( STEM= Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths).

The two terms are rather interchanged depending upon who is describing them. Regardless the key here is we need more STEAM students for the future.

In a technological world we require more trainees involved in these core subject areas. Especially more of the female gender which may explain why the Cat Ear headband speakers are Pink and Blue.

Parents and grandparents might want to consider giving the Project Mc2 Circuit Beats as a gift. It is educational in addition to being fun to utilize.

Things We Like About It.
Project Mc2 Circuit Beats3First and most significantly it has a sound scientific basis with the goal of promoting learning while being fun for the entire family.

The package is neat and colorful making us think it might be intended more for the girls rather than the kids. This a pity because science learning is gender neutral.

It comes with stickers that allow your child to personalize it to their own taste. Once again perhaps not a boy thing either.

There is absolutely nothing much better than having a good time while learning and Circuit Beats is definitely educational. The kit encourages children to experiment just to figure out which fruits/veggies or other things will carry electrical current.

Your kids will get great enjoyment discovering both music and science through play.

Moms and Dads will be pleased that it includes the 3 AAA batteries needed.

The preloaded sounds are fun however kids will like the self made sound recording option. All of us know some kids that never get tired of hearing the sound of their own voices so it’s an advantage that the cat ear headset isn’t just for looks. It also delivers fantastic sound.

Things We Did Not Like About It.
A good number of folk had their set working straight away. Others took a while to get the product to work consistently but for some that was part of the enjoyment. However there were people who found their set was dead on arrival and they were not able to get it to work.

The clips are exceptionally temperamental so you need to be sure that they are pushed in all the way.

Some reviewers felt that the instructions were unclear and that they should clearly state that in order to complete the circuit the user had to hold on to the bare metal part of the ground wire. Others discovered that the earphones didn’t work or that they were too little for the child’s head.

One thing that we felt would enhance the item would be a case so that the separate parts could be collected together for easier storage.

And again there is a choking hazard warning on Amazon for those under 3 years of age.

Is It Worth The Money?
For those that were able to get the product to work first up it proved to be an exciting, engaging and educational toy. Both children and adults alike took pleasure in having fun with it.

Despite the difficulties that some individuals had getting it to work the low price probably makes the gamble worth it. And naturally you have ability to return it if you purchase from Amazon.

Where Can I Buy Circuit Beats?
The Project Mc2 Circuit Beats is available online through Amazon at $29.99 and in stores like Wal-mart.

Final Thoughts.
Circuit Beats is among those toys that has the ability to integrate enjoyment and learning and engage the whole family. STEM education is certainly an important part of knowledge and needs to be fostered.

The number of Amazon purchasers who recieved packages that did not work (DOA) is certainly frustrating. This may explain the product’s 3.5 star rating from 131 reviewers.

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