Razor Jetts Heel Wheels Review

Razor Heel Wheels1Do you want to experience the fun and excitement of skating without having to wear bulky skates? Then these Razor Jetts Heel Wheels might just be for you.

To use these heel wheels all you need to do is to strap them on to your existing footwear heel and take off. With these Razor Jetts heel wheels you can transform an ordinary pair of sneakers into something better than heelies to roll down the street.

They come with attachable flints so they can also spark while you roll. Who doesn’t like to see sparks shooting out from their feet while zooming by? You can do this with these Heel Wheels.

How Much Do They Cost?
You don’t need to spend a great deal to start rolling along with these Razor Jetts Heel Wheels. Their list price on Amazon is $39.99 but they are currently listed from $24.99.

The standard packaging option lists them as a Amazon Choice item too.

There are 5 other sellers as well similarly priced for a new pair.

Who Would Buy These Razor Jetts Heel Wheels?
Razor Jetts Heel Wheels are suitable for both kids and adults who would like to experience the fun and thrill of heel skating. Some reviewers think that they are better than heelies.

The makers of this product recommend them 6 years of age and above for the wheels alone. And, for safety reasons, 8 years and above before using the sparks attachment.

They may suit people who are tired of bulky and heavy skates and other heel wheels.

Things We Like About Razor Jetts Heel Wheels
One of the best things about these Razor Jetts Heel Wheels are they are compact and lightweight in design. They are also very easy to put on and take off.

You can take them almost anywhere. To the park and even the shopping mall.

When you are not using them you can either toss them into the car or, because they are lightweight, just carry them with you.

For those that have mastered them they seem more stable than some of the other heel wheels available in the market. Other similar products, such as heelies, are only made to suit younger children.

These Razor Jetts Heel Wheels are suitable for a range of shoe sizes so even adults can wear them. The Amazon site lists them as capable of taking 220lb load.

Because of their design they glide faster than other heel wheels on the market. Breaking with these heel wheels is also easier.

They are something that could give your kids hours of fun.

What We Do Not Like About The Razor Jetts.
The Amazon reviewers paint a very mixed picture of these Heel Wheels. Some just loved them and were able to master them quickly in a day or so.

Others felt that they were dangerous and difficult to master. One reviewer felt that even with ‘total’ protection (head knees elbows etc) he would not let his daughter use them.

These views of the product are summed up in their Amazon star rating of 4.0 stars from 481 reviews. 60% are 5 star but there are 12% who give them 1 star.

So skill level seems to be an important factor for using these. One reviewer said an inexperienced user would need to be careful. And be sure to know how to stop before tackling slopes.

Another issue appears to be the need for a smooth surface. One comment was that bumps stop you dead. Another said there was a need to watch out for sticks. Yet another suggested using them in a shopping mall. Someone else was critical that you needed a surface like a tennis court to use them.

A less critical point is they do not spark as well as shown in their commercial advertisement. While they do produce sparks from the attachable flints the spark is quite subdued. Artistic licence perhaps.

They are really not suitable for younger children. The manufacturers say they are 6 years old and older but we think it is also important to consider the skill and experience of your child when it comes to skate products like these Razor Jetts.

Are They Worth The Money?
At around $25 the Razor Jetts Heel Wheels would seem to be good value if they are something that you think can be mastered by the recipient and you understand the risks and skill level required.

That said they are one of the more innovative and well-designed sets of heel wheels on the market.

Where Can You Buy Them?
Razor Jetts Heel Wheels are readily available on Amazon for $24.99 at the moment. They will also be in authorized retailers and other online stores. Take a good look to ensure you get the best buy available

Final Thoughts
Clearly they are not for everyone. But if you are looking for a way to spice up your commute or a new exciting way to get around then maybe you should try these Razor Jetts Heel Wheels.

Just be concious of the safety and skill issues that have been mentioned earlier in this post. And always follow the maker’s user instructions to minimize risks.

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