Reviewing Hot Wheels Stunt Track Build System

Hot Wheels Stunt Open BoxWith this Hot Wheels stunt kit, your children can experiment how high they can make their car go. How far to jump and how to play precisely without any accident.

The Hot Wheels kit arrives with a measuring stick to help the kid’s gauge achievement and then try to reach new height levels.

This set includes launchers, crash intersections, a range of orange trackway and a variety of different connectors. The colors and designs vary with each kit.

How Much Does It Cost?
A full track builder stunt kit sets you back about $30 on Amazon. It comes with a number of configurations so your youngster can enjoy a variety of stunts.

Who Would Most Likely Buy It?
This Hot Wheels kit is an activity set that allows kids to enjoy building different stunts. The kit can be put together in any of four varied gravity-defying configurations. After building a simple stunt base, they can select the construction level (rated 1 to 4) that suits their experience.

1: High Dump
2: Criss Cross
3: Long Jump
4: The Drop

When they tire of one configuration, they can take the track apart and rebuild it into a different configuration.

The track builder is suitable for kids of any age. However really young boys and girls may need some adult help to put it all together. Certainly, it’s not just a kit for fun to play with. It also challenges their mind and makes them more creative.

Things Our Team Quite Like About It
Hot Wheels Track Builder SystemIt provides multiple approaches to play hence gives many hours of uninterrupted excitement.

Players can experiment with how high their car can go. How high they can hurtle and how well to aim and prevent crashing. With each stunt setting the next stunt in motion, they can create an exhilarating sequence of events like a chain reaction.

The set will not only test your child’s skills it will also challenge his or her pals in a real test of timing.

The track builder kit is well priced and comes with a good range of parts which includes launchers, measuring stick, crash junctions, a variety of orange trackway and assorted connectors. It even comes in different colors and decorations which enables the selection of a personal favorite.

The neat pivot points permit the track to be positioned in various ways. This is a big factor in being able to experiment and set up the perfect direction.

Finally the new track is stronger than previous versions.

Points We Don’t Like About The Set
It needs quite some time to take the set apart and reconstruct a new arrangement. This could well discourage kids with little perseverance.

The user’s manual is quite detailed. To understand it an adult will likely have to read it a number of times to work out exactly what part goes where.

Is Really It Worth The Money?
Considering the number of parts the Hot Wheels kit contains at around thirty dollars we would suggest that it is definitely a good buy.

Where Can It Be Bought?
This track builder kit can be purchased online and in a number of local retail toy stores. If you want the set delivered right to your door Amazon is the best bet.

Concluding Considerations
Apart from the need to figure out the somewhat complicated set up instructions this will be the perfect gift for any Hot Wheels fan. It should keep all of them well occupied building and performing stunts with their cars for hours at a time.

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