Rooster Run from Blue Orange Reviewed

rooster-run1The tag line on the box “Woo Picky Chicks With Perfect Worms” sums up this game from Blue Orange pretty well. Will YOU be able to find the perfect worm?

It doesn’t matter whether we are 8 or 80 years old it is always great to have a special person in our life that just loves us for who we are – no questions asked. Finding them is what usually takes the time and effort.

And this is what Rooster Run is all about. The trial and tribulations of one who is trying to prove to his love that he is worthy of her. All done on the farm around the hen house. The movie ‘Chicken Run’ re-visited maybe.

The game takes you through the adventure of a young rooster who is trying to woo the heart of the hen on the farm.

By digging up worms for dinner, you get the chance to win the hen’s heart and make her fall in love with you. It is a twist on a speed and memory game where you have to remember where the right worms are under the earth tiles.

How Much Does Rooster Run Cost?
Currently listed on Amazon for $14.50  it seems a reasonable price for a fun family game.

Best to have a good look around before you commit to buying.

You can also view details of the game on the Blue Orange website where you can search and find a local store that stocks the game.

Who Would Buy Rooster Run?
The manufacturer says on the box that the game is designed for 7 years and up. Amazon lists 7 – 16 years but it really suits all ages. One of the reviewers said their 5 year old joined managed well and even their 4 year old managed with minmal help.

It is designed to be played by 2-6 players creating teamwork and giving you someone to console you when your heart is broken by the hen.

Things We Like About This Blue Orange Game?
rooster-run2The game is a fun way to pretend to chase that special person who in real life you perhaps wouldn’t have the courage to go after. It helps you with both memory, speed processing, visual perception, fine motor skills, focus and attention.

The tile flipping is also a nice addition to the game giving it a chance aspect while still being enjoyable. The prospect of winning points for worthy worms gives the players the enthusiasm to only offer the best.

Each game lasts for about 10 minutes which is good for younger players. Long games sessions are difficult for their attention span.

Things We Are Not So Keen About
There is really not too much to be negative about here. It is a good family game.

Maybe for players who like a more challenging game the ten minutes per session might seem like a disadvantage. Short sessions take away the challenges of a longer game such as Monopoly.
So while 10 minute re-starts may not suit a group comprised of older folk as a family game it is fine.

When you disappoint the hen, you lose your dinner and your ‘heart is broken’.

Is Rooster Run Value for Money?
Many games are often only designed for entertainment. However, as already mentioned, Roster Run has a number of other beneficial features. Playing assists you with a faster processing speed, better control and motor skills, increased visual perception and better focus and attention.

Where Can It Be Bought?
The game can be purchased from Amazon or a Blue Orange games stockist. By ordering online, you can have the game delivered to you. It can also be found in good number of local toy stores.

Final Thoughts
This is another somewhat different and mind stimulating game from Blue Orange.
An earlier Amazon reviewer on this site said that, because of their quality, Blue Orange had become their primary source of games.

Not everyone gets the chance to chase the one they love. With Rooster Run you get that chance and can have fun and mental stimulation along the way.

Don’t let the chance to win the one you love slip through your fingers.

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