Seckton Toddler Selfie Camera

Your Toddler’s Own Selfie Camera

This Seckton Toddler Selfie Camera might just be the answer you are looking for.

We all know how kids like to take control of our smart gadgets or cell phone and use them to capture selfies and videos.

And it’s hard supervise them all the time too. So it can become a bit of a problem if they use their initiative and ‘borrow’ them without you knowledge.

Pester power is also very wearying and there’s always a risk your phone or camera gets accidentally dropped and broken.

Digital Photography Makes It Easy.

Not so many years ago taking and processing photographs was an involved and expensive activity.

These days even small children can digitally capture their favorite childhood memories quite easily. And they can simply do it with The Seckton Toddler Selfie Camera.

This simple and inexpensive digital camera takes good quality photos too.

Better Quality and Reliability

Years ago, childrens’ cameras weren’t super reliable. Think of the Box Brownie or the Kodak 127 Brownie?

Film and printing was expensive, the snaps were often poorer quality and it took days to get the photos back.

Digital Quality is Much Better

The quality of a digital picture is measured in megapixels. In the early days of digital cameras even the more expensive ones were only rated at 4 megapixels. That wasn’t bad at the time but things have moved on from there now.

This Seckton Selfie Rates at 8 Megapixels

Rated at 8 megapixel this is low when compared to today’s high end digital cameras which can range from 50 to 100 megapixels.

However this little camera still takes great quality photos. And the advantage of the 8 megapixels is that it is still a very cost efficient item.

Takes Front, Selfie and Video Shots

In addition to the main front camera it also has a selfie camera. This means they can take pictures of themselves and with their friends or family much easier.

Surprisingly, this little camera can even record in full high definition 1080p video. That’s about the maximum definition you’ll find for many TVs or computer monitors today.

Good Size 32 GB SD Card Storage

One of the really good features of this camera is its storage space.

Older digital cameras needed to have the photos transferred off regularly. Otherwise they ran out of storage space.

And we all know that film cameras would run out of film at just the wrong moment.

This camera comes with a whopping 32GB micro SD card. Enough to store thousands of photos without having to frequently move them off the card. The young ones can snap away for ever.

Easy Picture Transfering

When it’s time to transfer your pictures it’s easily done with a simple USB cord. Plug the cord into your computer and upload them them to a file, print them out, or just save them for future memories.

Built To Last

You don’t have to worry about your child being clumsy with this camera, because it’s built to last. It has a shockproof shell that can withstand drops and falls, which are really inevitable with kids’ toys.

It also comes with a lanyard, which reduces the chance of it being dropped.

Quick Recharge Easily Keeps It Going

This camera charges quickly, going from an empty battery to full charge in a mere 2 hours. This will last young photograpers quite a while.

Need to let them know that the battery drains faster when recording video and audio or they’re constantly taking pictures.

Regain Control Of Your High Tech Gadgets

This little camera lets you regain control of your high tech gadgets. While at the same time it allows your young ones to enjoy snapping selfies and recording cute videos.

The Seckton Toddler Selfie Camera – A perfect gift

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