Selfie Mic StarMaker Reviewed

selfiemic5We all know about Karaoke and most of us have probably had at least one attempt. Mine was an abysmal failure but such is life.

But now we have something that takes us one step further along the self production music path – The Selfie Mic.

Described as where the “selfie stick meets karaoke” it is a clever combination of a selfie stick with a microphone handle. This enables anyone to self record their own singing on a cell phone.

As well as this the StarMaker app is included so the user gets access to a whole library of songs which they can use as background / prompts to sing with or mime. You can literally sing along with thousands of songs and post them online.

Launched by Worlds Apart a few years ago the Selfie Mic has been quickly accepted by all those who love to make and share their own music and talent.

Like so many innovations it is the combination of two simple ideas to create a novel piece of equipment – the selfie stick with a microphone built in as the stick handle. This lets the user make their own smartphone music videos using their phone and the StarMaker app. To add to the experience the app has new songs loaded every day.

How Do You Set It Up?
It is really all pretty easy to set up.

First secure your cell phone in the selfie stick bracket. Next connect the cell phone, mic and ear piece by inserting the plug jacks into their appropriate sockets.

Log into the StarMaker app on your cell phone and then just follow the prompts from the StarMaker app and select the song of your choice. Now you are ready to perform your favorite songs either by yourself or in a group with your friends.

What Is The Cost Of a Selfie Mic?
selfiemic4The price of the Selfie Mic does vary a bit depending on where you purchase it. On the Selfie Mic website it was originally listed for $29.99 inclusive of free shipping.

But on Amazon it is listed at $12.99 and  $4.98 for a used one which is a significant difference. Looks like it might be coming to the end of its run!

This raises another query – there seem to be two colors of mic – Pink and Black and prices differ. Right now Pink seems hard to find.

I guess the bottom line is check prices before you pay.

Who Would Buy A Selfie Mike?
The Selfie Mic should have wide appeal. It is listed as suitable for 8 to 15 year olds. But I’m guessing there will be many over 15 whole will just love this device. Essentially it can and will be used by people from 8 to 80.

Things We Like About It
You can sing, record and share their own music videos
You can sing and lip sync with you favorite artists
The Selfie Mic is a complete package featuring an adjustable selfie stick, karaoke microphone, earpiece, a free StarMaker app and instructions.
Ideal for many parties
Thousands of tracks already available via the StarMaker app
Does not need batteries for use (other than your phone battery)
Helps the user create great and professional looking videos
Works on both Android and iOS devices

Things We Did Not Like About It
Mainly applicable for music lovers
Used with the StarMaker app which makes the process quite lengthy. However as a reviewer noted you are not restricted to StarMaker. There are plenty of other music apps readily available for you to use if you wish.
Significant price variation.
One reviewer thought the mic was mono-directional which could be a limitation

Is It Worth The Money?
Music and selfie lovers will think it is great and well worth the money. It not only allows you to take cute selfies but also allows you to express yourself musically.

It has 276 reviews on Amazon to give it a 3.3 star rating which means that not all purchasers are happy. There are a significant number of disappointed purchasers who have given this product a 1 star rating.

Where Can I Buy It?
Right now at $4.98 Amazon definitely looks like the best option. There are other sellers, just be careful because it looks like this item may be at the end of its run.

Final Thoughts
The Selfie Mic and the StarMaker app combination is an excellent way for kids to express themselves musically in a fun and professional way.

For all the young (and old) karaoke stars who love taking selfies this could be the product to go for.

And if you think outside the square like one reviewer the Selfie Mic can be used for other purposes. His suggestion was to use it to make property walk-through reviews for selling real estate.

Who knows what else someone might think of doing with the Selfie Mic.

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