Spike The Hedgehog

spike the hedehog

Another Great Learning Toy

Learning toys like Spike The Hedgehog make great gifts especially during the Christmas season.

These toys can give kids something fun to do while at the same time, they help improve cognitive and other skills.

Spike Looks The Part

This hedgehog, cutely named Spike, is a perfect gift idea for kids who are at least 18 months old and above. The top of the toy, which is the colorful blue shell, comes off easily.

Kids can then use this space to house Spike’s removable quills when they’re not playing with them. This storage area helps keep the pieces neatly together.

This can be turned into an activity to teach a child to put away their toys when they are done playing.

Great For Little Hands

Each of these quills with this toy are in the shape of pegs and are designed to fit into a toddler’s hands. This can help a child learn how to grasp items.

Lots Of Learning Options

There are all kinds of skills and learning adventures that kids can develop with this toy.

One of these skills is color recognition. Color recognition is important because it’s what’s used to develop a child’s descriptive language ability.

Spike The Hedgehog, as you would expect, has spikes that are colored purple, red, orange and green.

Parents can help kids learn their colors through the use of games such as having them place only a certain quill color in the back of Spike.

Other options are to alternate colors or instruct the child which color order to put in the back.

Teach Color Recognition, Patterns And Counting

They can also have the child remove only a certain color at a time – such as telling them to take out only the red ones. Kids can also learn sorting skills by grouping like colors together.

This can help them to recognize patterns. The top of the toy’s shell has numbers on it.

Parents can use the toy to teach kids how to recognize their numbers.

For example, you can tell a child to put one of the spikes into the number four space.

This improves their directional skill as well as the fine motor skills. It also helps with hand to eye coordination.

Using toys that call for grasping can help a child with their hand strength.

Bright Colored Pieces Help Learning

The hedgehog toy comes in bright colors for the shell and the quills. Bright colors are known to boost learning.

Kids are easily able to tell bright colors apart which them when learning their colors.

Spike has a total of fourteen pieces. One is the body of the hedgehog. Tthe rest are the shell and the quills.

An parents activity guide is also included which you can use to guide your kids through fun learning times.

If the toy gets dirty, it can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

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