Summer Fun Water Park Playset from PLAYMOBIL Review

Playmobil Water Park1The PLAYMOBIL Water Park with Slides Playset is a water park themed play set which features a swimming pool, 2 huge water slides, a multi-level tower, two adult figures, a child figure and a range of fun accessories such as a ride on tube and a life ring.

If you’re considering buying the PLAYMOBIL Water Park with Slides Playset for your youngster, simply continue reading to find whether it’s worth purchasing or whether you’re much better off purchasing an alternative play set.

How Much Does It Cost?
Presently listed on Amazon for $51.95 for the latest version. This appears affordable for a large scale play set like this.

There is an earlier version noted too with a larger swimming pool but it is more pricey and has a different setup.

Who Would Buy This Playset?
This play set would interest parents whose kids want to have fun with water or collect PLAYMOBIL sets and figures. Kids who enjoy visiting water parks and amusement parks will also love this interactive play set.

It should also have some appeal for parents who are trying to find a high quality option to LEGO. PLAYMOBIL has a big range of quality products specifically created for children 4 – 12 years of ages

Things We Like About This Theme Toy Play Set
This is another quality product from the large PLAYMOBIL range.

It comes with a set of figures consisting of 2 adults and a child. Each figure can bend, sit and stand. If you already own other PLAYMOBIL sets you can also utilize your existing figures with this play set.

It encourages creative play. The swimming pool can be filled with water. Water is normally a sure winner for children. Then they will love pushing their figures down the slides into the plunge swimming pool.

This set absolutely encourages imaginative play and will likely amuse numerous children at the same time.

It suits both boys and girls with no gender bias. This set is not marketed specifically at girls or boys so should interest most children.

If you’re uncertain which PLAYMOBIL set to purchase for your kid this could be a great start.

It is suitable for a reasonable age range. The recommended age for this set is for children between the ages of 4-10. An older brother or sister might well take pleasure in playing alongside their more youthful siblings.

Things We Did Not Like About It
It would be nice to have more than one child sized figure. With the set being aimed at children 4-10 years of age it would be better if it included two or even three child figures. Then each one playing could have their own figure. However, it is certainly possible to utilize PLAYMOBIL figures from other playsets.

Finally Amazon have a Choking Hazard Warning for 2 of the parts for children less than 3 years old.

Is It Worth The Money
Yes we believe it is. Kids are sure to get several hours worth of water enjoyment playing with this specific set.

An added reward. It’s sturdily built so should take the rough and tumble it is most likely to get from some young players.

Where Can I Buy It?
PLAYMOBIL provide a vast array of different named playsets so be sure to select the one you want. This particular set has a specific product number 6669 on package. There are other options shown on the Amazon page so you can explore.

It can be purchased straight through Amazon, which provides complimentary shipping. Rated at 4.3 stars from 41 reviews with a choice of sellers.

Physical shops which sell PLAYMOBIL sets are also likely to stock it, although the range of play sets offered by each toy store will vary.

Final Thoughts
If you’re aiming to amaze your kid or a good friend’s child with a present that will give them a lot of hours of enjoyment, you cannot fail buying the PLAYMOBIL Water Park with Slides Play Set.

You’d be hard pressed to discover a child who would not enjoy splashing around with this interactive summer season themed play set!

Footnote: PLAYMOBIL is a registered Trademark of the manufacturer.

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