TEMI Dinosaur Play Mat

Temi Dinasour Mat

Jurassic Park Always A Hit

There are good reasons why the Temi Dinosaur Play Mat will be a hit with many youngsters when they see it. Because many young children just love dinosaurs.

One of the reasons of course is Jurassic Park which was such a huge hit when it was released.

And you will have a lot of great dinasour toy choices this year for those kids who love the prehistoric creatures and the world they lived in.

There’s Lots To Do

So if your child is one that loves dinasours, this Dinosaur Play Mat makes a great gift idea.

With this toy, they can have hours of fun imagining themselves in the world of dinosaurs.

They can travel across the theme park among the lush greenery with their favorite dinosaur.

And this mat is different because it comes with a lot of vivid color and attention to detail.

Full Of Interesting Things

You’ll find many things on the TEMI Dinosaur Play Mat such as the sign marking the place as the dinosaur park.

Then you’ll find a ticket booth at the front and other things like a carousel and tents.

And there’s plenty of greenery along with amusement rides and a water fountain.

The TEMI Dinosaur Play Mat Has Quality

This mat is big enough to allow any child to use it and also have some of their friends to sit and play there too.

Because the mat can easily accommodate up to four small children.

It’s a thick mat, too – so it’s comfortable to sit on for hours of imaginative play.

Plus, it’s safe too because it’s made of non-hazardous materials.

The TEMI Dinasour Play Mat comes with a total of nine handmade colorful dinosaurs for the world.

Plenty of Dinasour Detail

Kids will love the detail given to the Tyrannosaurus Rex. And they’ll love the ferocious Velociraptor.

As well as that they’ll have fun imagining the tall Brachiosaurus eating the tops of the play trees.

And Stegosaurus will help kids visualize a world when this plant eating dinosaur roamed the land.

All of the dinosaurs and the other figures are made of a non-toxic PVC.

The set also comes with bright green trees to help build this colorful world.

Each of these trees can be placed individually throughout the mat to create a 3-D world.

And this is the world where the plant eaters come to when they are seeking food.

Only Limit Is Their Imagination

Kids can go on adventure after adventure with these dinosaurs.

They can have dinosaur battles or make the creatures roam from end to end in their world.

Or they can just play on a land that’s just teeming with dinosaurs.

So there’s no limit to the ways they can explore this dinosaur world.

The set is durable enough for it to be played with both inside and outside.

Finally,the set comes with a storage case that keeps the mat and dinosaurs safe when it’s not being used.

Check Out the Dinosaur Play Mat HERE

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