Trolls Hug Time Poppy Evaluated


Trolls is a 3D animated musical comedy which was released a while ago.

The movie trailer earned good reactions from reviewers and is likely to be a hit with youngsters.

There will certainly be a range of toy and goods that spin off the movie. The celebrity of the film is the lovable troll princess Poppy who plays a valuable role in the picture with a unique characterization.

This brave personality constantly extols individuals around her with a favorite vibe of “You can do anything”.

The optimistic little Poppy doll comes in a light shade of pink with appealing eyes and an insane hair do. Her hair is dressed with an adorable neat green band with three blue colored flowers in it.

Poppy wears a vivid blue dress with green tones in it.

She always resolves her problems with a dance, a song and a big cuddle. Poppy and her nine pals think that cuddles and hugs make sad times less unhappy and better times much happier.

To spread joy among the children, Poppy gets a brand-new life as a doll and reaches out to youngsters as Hug Time Poppy. Hug Time Poppy is available with a Hug Time bracelet. So both the owner and her doll can wear matching bracelets.


The Hug Time bracelet lets children and the doll speak to each other. When the doll is activated, Poppy’s hair and bracelet lightup based after the rhythm of the songs. Pressing the tummy of the doll will make her sing and dance. Poppy Doll’s collection includes fuzzy flair products, styling tool and also wigs. Youngsters can create sophisticated hair styles for their Poppy doll.

How Much is the Trolls Hug Time Poppy?
The price of the Trolls Hug Time Poppy was originally set to retail at $34.99. Now they are priced at just under $12.available on Amazon here and also here. There does not seem to be too much difference between the 2 items.

Who Would Want To Buy Hug Time Poppy?
Recommended for youngsters of 4 years and over this will appeal to children especially girls. Once children have seen the movie they will most likely want this toy as a gift.

Hug Time Poppy Points We Like.
1. The doll has a soft and plush body.
2. The insane Poppy Doll hairdos will definitely be eye-catching especially for young girls. They will almost certainly like to dress the hair of their Poppy with various sophisticated hairdos.
3. These jumbo size Poppy Dolls are ideal for huge hugs.
4. The hug time bracelets enables interactive encounters with the doll.
5. Hug Time Poppy will delight the kids with her story.

What We Do Not Like About Hug Time Poppy.

1. The size of the large Poppy Doll is such that it may make some youngsters apprehensive.
2. The appearance of the doll might also frighten some youngsters.
3. There is a Choking Hazard warning on Amazon for children under 3 years of age.

Is This Doll Worth The Money?
If your child becomes a big fan of the movie it will likely be money well spent.
However if they haven’t seen the film, or just weren’t especially taken with it, then there are lots of other cheaper deluxe plush toys to choose from.

Where Can Poppy Be Purchased?
This was a major movie release. Most toy merchandisers will certainly stock the dolls. These reasonably priced dolls are currently available online from Amazon.

Final Thoughts
The Poppy personality presents a great role example for young children to follow. The interactive bracelet feature differentiates it from other plush playthings.
If your youngster delights in the movie they are bound to appreciate this doll as a gift.

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