UDI U818A WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter with HD Camera

udi-quad-1The UDI U818A WiFi FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera was released in the UDI U818A quadcopter series a few of years ago..

This Quadcopter comes with more features than its predecessors so is worth a look.

The FPV stands for First Person View which is a reference to the included Virtual Reality Headset. It can be flown with the controller that comes with the product or you can download an app that connects it with your iPhone or Android Smartphone.

There are 216 review entries on Amazon for this product that give it a 3.6 star rating. You can take a closer look HERE

Quadcopters are very much in demand these days. They are a fun toy and lots can be done with them. Especially now that they come equiped with an HD camera.

How Much Does This UDI U818A Cost?
Currently on Amazon is they are the only seller listed at the moment priced at $247.

There is another and better listingĀ  here for the same quadcopter for a much better price at $100. This has 640 reviews and gives it a 3.8 star rating.

Confusing as to why there are two listings but sometimes there is no explanation as to why.

Who Would Buy This Quadcopter Drone?
The manufacturer recommends this drone for 14 years and older. That would seem appropriate given the skill and regulatory understanding required.

This particular quadcopter is classed as a toy but I’m sure the adults will love flying it too.

It would make a great gift for anyone new who is interested in starting to flying drones.

Things We Like About This Drone With HD Camera
udi-quad-2The box includes everything so once you have charged the batteries you can start flying. You could download the app onto your phone while you are waiting for the batteries to charge if you want to.

Best to read all the instructions carefully beforehand. Otherwise your first experience with quadcopter flying might be your last. It could be a disaster.

The UDI U818A is a lightweight drone and is classified as a toy. This means that you don’t have to register it with the FAA. But do take time to get a general understanding of the regulation for drones. This is the Fly Responsibly page link from Amazon.

The drone will fly indoors and outdoors. We suggest maybe trying it indoors at first while you are getting used to flying it and are coming to grips with the controls.
When outdoors the instruction say to use a BIG field. One reviewer fully endorses this.

Reports from users of this UDI quadcopter are that it is really durable and surviving multiple crashes. Another reviewer said that it appeared fragile at first sight but was subsequently impressed by its crash performance. He was very taken with the design of the blade guards too.

The drone comes with 2 batteries so when one is running low you can charge it while using the other to give you more flying time.

The package also comes with 4 replacement propeller blades and a screwdriver.

Other nice features are that it lights up at night, has a 360Ā° Flip Function and a push button ‘Return Home’ function.

The low voltage alarm is also very useful. The controller beeps when the battery is getting low so you can get your drone home before it crashes.

Things We Did Not Like About It
udi-quad-4The main issue with the UDI U818A quadcopter is that it is very lightweight which makes it harder to handle in the wind.

If the weather is calm it performs very well but once there is any wind control becomes much more difficult.

Some reviewers said the ‘Return Home’ function didn’t work and they lost their drones. However this could be a pilot operator issue rather than a problem with the quadcopter. If the drone is not in Headless mode the ‘Return Home’ function won’t work.

In fact one reviewer said you need to make sure you read the instructions properly to learn how this function works.

You need an iPhone or smartphone to make use of the camera function.

Other more minor items to note:
The camera is fixed and cannot be adjusted.
Some said that the motors burn out
One said the batteries only lasted for 6 months
And another said the wi-fi failed at 30 feet away.

Is The UDI U818A Quadcopter Worth The Money?
This is a durable drone with a lot of good features.

With 216 and 640 reviews respectively for the two separate listings it is undoubtably very popular. The star ratings on Amazon are 3.7 / 3.8 which is a good sign that overall the U818A quadcopter is an acceptable product.

If you have a compatible phone this is certainly worth the money. If you don’t have such a phone you might want to look at other drones with cameras that don’t require a phone for photo/movie taking.

Where Can I Buy It?
UDI drones are available online from a number of stores. Amazon would be a good place to begin especially with the double listing mentioned earlier. Just remember that there is a range of them so be sure to know your specifications because other models are cheaper.

Final Thoughts
This is a lightweight but durable quadcopter with lots of nice extra features.
Its lack of weight is an issue and some reviewers have had a negative experience because of this.

The UDI U818A quadcopter is fun to fly and will provide many hours of enjoyment and entertainment.

We would recommend this as a great gift for novice drone pilots.

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