WowWee LUMI Dancing Drone Review

wowwee-lumi-1For a good few years now WowWee has engaged in the manufacture of robotics toys and vehicles. Their major successes have been the biomorphic RoboSapien and the interactive balancing robot RiP.

WowWee has now launched its LUMI dancing drone. This is a gaming drone that has autonomous flight and obstacle avoidance, a range of dance moves and several game playing modes.

Here is a drone that can help you test your dance sequences move, lets you create your own unique choreographic sequences and utilize the multi-drone mode for dance-offs in the air.

The team at WowWee plans to open up the Lumi platform to creative app developers to help introduce the younger generations to drone technology.

How Much Does It Cost?
The WowWee Lumi drone main Amazon listing currently shows for $24.95. This also shows 15 sellers with prices from $24.95

Who Would Buy The WowWee Lumi?
WowWee Lumi is primarily designed for individuals who have little or no experience in flying quadcopters. And if you love making moves on the dance floor, then this drone is also perfectly suited for you.

With a Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE)-enabled smartphone or tablet it is possible to launch the Lumi App on your device. Then you make your screen the dance floor. You can play Lumi on the Beat if you want to test your ability to follow dance sequences and even unlock several tricks as you go.

So if if you are right into dancing you can create your own choreographic moves and then use the Lumi drone to share the drone’s dance moves with friends. Maybe challenge them to an competitive dance-off using the multi-drone mode.

Things We Like About This WowWee Drone
wowwee-lumi-4Based on the information provided the WowWee LUMI dancing drone is an advanced self-stabilizing quadcopter that comes with simple capabilities. You can take off, land, navigate and perform other clever aerial maneuvers with just a simple tap on your screen.

Lumi Beat – WowWee Lumi experience allows you to select any song that you like from your phone or tablet and then challenge you to move to the beat.

Choreography Mode – This mode helps you create your own unique sequence of aerial moves and control the timing as well as light colors for your music. You can play the music back whenever you feel like.

Advanced Obstacle Avoidance Capabilities – Lumi comes with several sensors that ensure the drone actively avoids walls, cupboards and plenty of other indoor objects.

Hand-gesture control – Lets you play games with Lumi by simply placing your hand in front of the drone and then move it in the direction you want it to.

Follow-Me Feature – Simply pick up the beacon and the WowWee Lumi will follow you as you move around

Things We Did Not Like About Lumi
With the Lumi beat rhythm and reflexes game you have to press a corresponding lumi surface light on the mobile device. If you miss or tap the wrong color, Lumi drops in altitude. If you make too many mistakes the game is over.

The quadcopter is very light and cannot handle outdoor conditions when there is any sort of wind. Meant strictly for indoor flights only.

There is no On/Off power switch on the drone. You just slide the battery in and it’s powered on. This makes it difficult to release and operate at the same time. And once released it is on – full stop.

Based on the 148 Amazon reviews user experience to date has been very mixed. Some love it others hate it. The range of star ratings is very interesting. It currently has 3.5 stars.

Is it worth the money?
Based on the design description the Lumi dancing drone looks to be a suitable toy for people who have little or no experience in flying quadcopters.

With Lumi’s advanced controls and operating modes this drone appears to be reasonably priced. You could get some basic quadcopter flying experience with this product if that is what you want. So it is probably best suited for new or an amateur operator.

Where Can I Buy It?
It is available on Amazon where currently selling at $23.95.

It is available on the WowWee web store too.

Final Thoughts
WowWee again brings innovative technology to the younger generation with their Lumi Dancing Drone. With only a BLE-enabled mobile device, you can launch the Lumi app and start flying your Lumi drone.

However based on Amazon reviews user experience to date has been very mixed. As already noted before it only rates 3.5 stars from 148 reviews.

The concept is great however one just suspects that WowWee may still have a few issues that need to be sorted to improve the experience for the majority of purchasers.

But Nothing ventured Nothing gained. For those that have made it work it has been great. Why not just give it a go anyway.

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