Zing Stikbot Studio Pro Checked Out

stikbot-pro-1Stikbot – What sort of thing is that?
If you know what they are then there is no need to explain. But if you are looking here with no real knowledge of what they are here’s a basic overview.

Stickbots are small plastic jointed stick figures about 3 inches tall. They can be positioned in a wide range of poses and have suction cup hands and feet to hold them in place. There is also a free app you can download to your tablet or cellphone that enables you to make short stop motion animation movies.

Zing Stikbot Studio Pro is the latest addition to the already extensive Stikbot range of figures and props. This Studio Pro set includes a solid red and a solid orange Stikbot, a 2in1 stage screen which can be used for either a green or a blue background and 1 phone tripod. This is just like the movies where a green screen, as it is called, is often used to shoot a scene which is then superimposed on a real background.

The Stikbot slogan on the box – You Create. You Animate. You SHARE!

How Much Does Studio Pro Cost?
The original recommended retail price for Studio Pro on Amazon is $25. Currently it is listed in the Buy Box for $15.98. But there are 66 other offers with a range of prices. Make sure you check out Amazon for the latest price.

Who Would Buy This Stikbot Release?
The manufacturer recommends this set for 4 years and up but we’d say the target age should be older than that. Say 7 and up. For children who see Stikbots as just toys their interest would soon flag. But for older kids who are into movie making or theater this stop animation set could get used for years.

Any youngster who has already made similar short movies before will probably appreciate this. Especially if they have only used LEGO figures. Stickbots can be articualted into a greater number of positions than Lego characters and blocks.

Stop animation involves moving the stickbots by very small increments to make a short movie. So it requires a lot of patience and perseverance from the video maker. A set like this would best suit kids with those personal traits.

Things We Like About Stikbot Stuio Pro.
stikbot-pro-2It is a really well priced introductory kit for any child interested in stop animation movie making and theater. And it comes supported by a whole range of other Stikbot figures and studio props that are equally well priced.

The app for phones and tablets is free. From the reviews we are reading online it is quick and easy to download. Kids often seem to find it is easier to get it working than adults. Because it is free you can download and test it before investing in Stickbots.

There are plenty of YouTube videos available showing instructions, tips and videos made by kids of all ages.

Things We Did Not Like About It
While it should be obvious we still need to say that the phone is not supplied.

If the movie maker hasn’t got their own tablet or phone you might find that you lose your phone for hours. Best take that into account.

Some users found the app had a few glitches but most didn’t have this problem.

The stand that holds your device is small so will hold phones but not tablets.

There is a choking hazard warning for the product on Amazon.

Is It Worth The Money?
This is a good introduction to Stikbots and to stop animation movie making.

Sixteen dollars is a reasonable price to pay for hours of creative activity. Individual Stikbot figures retail for about $6 to $8 so the 2 figures alone make up a good part of the price.

Where Can I Buy It?
Most online stores such as Walmart, Target and Amazon stock the Stikbot range. We recommend taking a look at Amazon as there are a lot of customers’ reviews showing animations made by children using Zing Stikbot Studio Pro.

It is reasonable well rated on Amazon at 4.0 stars from 269 reviews. While not 5 star it is getting close. Creativity, patience and perseverance is not for everyone.

Final Thoughts
If you have children who love technology but you want them to get a little more active and creative then this could be something to try out. To get the most from this it does need some creativity and patience.

Those that love this sort of thing will have hours of fun making great little animation movies that they can share with family or friends on social media.

You can have your own stop animation studio in your living room for less than twenty dollars.

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