ZOOB Galax-Z Lunar Pathfinder

zoob1ZOOB products are newer arrivals on the market but they are an interesting alternative to other building brands like LEGO bricks and Mega block. Instead of using blocks or bricks to build their sets ZOOB use a ball and socket joint configuration. The tag line on their box is Build It, Move It, ZOOB It.

They already had a number of ZOOB builder kits on the market such as Galax-Z Astrotech Rover, Car Designer and Bot. Now there is the more recently introduced Galax-Z Lunar Pathfinder. This is a fairly small set but the instructions show several builds that you make with it. This is a 25 piece set including an astronaut figure.

How Much Does The Lunar Pathfinder Cost?
The Lunar Pathfinder is currently listed on Amazon at $18 marked down from $24.50. There are 8 offers. Considered somewhat on the expensive side for what they received by some reviewers. But there were no complaints about the component quality.

Who Would Buy ZOOB Galax-Z Lunar Pathfinder?
ZOOB recommend this kit children aged between 6-15 years. Six years old seems a good age to get started with ZOOB sets but at the older end teenagers might find the sets a little young.

If you have kids from 6-12 who enjoy constructing building sets like LEGO they are likely to be interested in ZOOB. If they already have ZOOB sets they will certainly be happy to add this one to their collection.

Toys with space themes seem to be universally popular with young children especially boys so this would make a great gift.

Things We Like About This ZOOB Kit
The advantage ZOOB have over their competitors is their use of ball and socket joints. This increases the range of movements and articulation allowing them to make more interesting and creative builds.

This is a nice addition to their existing range of sets and is compatible with them.

The components are tough and almost indestructable even if walked on according to another reviewer.

Things We Did Not Like About It
zoob5This is a fairly basic set for the price and only has a limited number of components.

Some reviewers thought it would be better as an add-on set rather than one in its own right. Another felt their money would have been better spent on Lego to get more value for money.

It can take a while to comprehend the instructions and the unique method of building with ZOOB. Some reviewers obviously found the instructions most frustrating. Others seemed to manage OK.

Getting the components in a structure to remain connected was an issue for one builder. They felt the connection for a third component was so tenuous the build easily came apart. Others seemed to achieve a build quite successfully.

Where Can You Buy The Lunar Pathfinder?
All the ZOOB sets including this one are available from the most larger online retailers and toy stores.

Amazon is always a good place to start because of all the information available from real buyer reviews. It currently rates 4.0 stars on Amazon from 30 reviews.

Final Thoughts
If your youngsters like building block toys then they should enjoy this one too. ZOOB Lunar Pathfinder, with its different connection mode provides plenty of creative play.

A number of Amazon reviewers were disappointed and frustrated with their purchase. There were others who were equally delighted with it.

The 4.0 star rating suggests that on balance this ZOOB product is probably one worth having. Especially if you already have other ZOOB builds.

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