Zoomer Robot Chimp From Spin Master

zoomer-chimp-2Zoomer Chimp is the latest robotic creature in the Zoomer family to reach the stores. And it is likely that this clever robot chimpanzee is going to be one of the better sellers for Christmas. The Zoomer Dino won toy of the year and it looks like they have another good chance of winning again with Zoomer Chimp. In recent years Spin Master have introduced a whole range Zoomer robotic animals – Dino, Marshall, Hedgiez and Kitty to name a few. This time, with all its functionality and features, Spin Master look like they have really over delivered with Zoomer Chimp. This hi-tech robot chimp has 370 reviews on Amazon giving it a 3.4 star rating. Not outstanding but some of them are quite extensive so take time to have a look. Some are less than complementary so take your time to evaluate the worth of the toy.

Described as having over 100 tricks in its repetoire Zoomer Chimp also reacts to 10 voice commands, has eyes that light up and change color depending on mood, can stand upright and farts!

How Much Does Zoomer Chimp Cost?

This robot chimp is currently listed on Amazon at $40 discounted. There are other offers there too with a ranges of prices. If you are in the market make sure you check prices first.

Who Would Like the Zoomer Robot Chimp? Children who enjoyed the previous Dino robot toy seemed to be in the age 5-12 age bracket. And this is the age range that the manufacturer recommends. Younger children (and the Dog) can be frightened by this rather lifelike robot. One reviewer made specific comment about this. Both boys and girls who are into this kind of technology pet should like this toy.

Things We Like About the Zoomer Robot Chimp

zoomer-chimp-3Our main like is that it has a real personality. Spin Master have given it an articulated body and animated face so that it behaves like a real cheeky young chimp. Zoomer Chimp indicates its mood or mode by changing the color around its eyes. This is a neat feature that lets you know exactly what state he is in. We also liked that it has the ability to go from sitting to standing which makes it even more lifelike. Keeping balance on two limbs is clever technology. And it can be a bit crazy with farts and laughs and dancing around.

Things We Were Not So Keen About

Technically the toy is well put together but toys are for play. Several Amazon reviewers comment that Zoomer Chimp did not really hold their child’s interest once the intial excitement ran out. One reviewer summed it up well with Very cool / Very frustrating saying that there was a steep learning curve and interest faded fast. Partly because the play soon becomes repetitive. One did note that you were paying for the technology which was considered very good so price was not an issue.

Is The Zoomer Robot Chimp Worth The Money?

If you only consider the number of technical features this toy chimp has it is probably reasonable. However from a toy perspective and its sometimes short appeal span for some children reviewers though it could be a bit high. Despite this Zoomer Chimp rates 3.4 stars on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

This is a good robotic product capable of doing many things. Spin Master have gone out of their way to improve and innovate on their previous robot toys. Whether it is something that will be played with by children longer term is somewhat of a question. Some reviewers felt that its fascination faded fast once used a few times. Zoomer Robot Chimp could be a top Christmas favorite. However you should decide on an individual basis whether it is something that will fit for your particular family situation.

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